October 2012

Awesome Videos From Magnoliafest!

Mark "DaBabe" Roth has made it his mission to share with as many fans as possible the high-quality videos he shoots of Donna the Buffalo concerts, and his latest efforts provide us with a trio of gems from the band's recent appearances from Magnoliafest at beloved Suwannee Music Park. On his YouTube channel at, Mark has posted a full-set video of DtB performing on 10/20/12 at MagFest in Live Oak, FL. He followed this up by posting full-set videos of Jim Lauderdale playing with DtB on 10/21/12 and the festival-closing DtB and friends finale on 10/21/12, which included guests Ruchad Eggleston, Randy Judy, Stuart McNair, Jeff Mosier, Jim Lauderdale, and Beth Judy. Thanks so much, Mark! (posted 10/29/12)

Help Donna The Buffalo Save The Buffalo

Donna the Buffalo is organizing a campaign to help save a group of bison, and you can help! The following message from the band explains the details:

Calling all Herd! There is a situation calling for help and we are perfect for the job!

National Wildlife Federation has an amazing opportunity to help relocate over 140 wild bison from a private ranch in Montana, to their native lands on the Wyoming Wind River Reservation. The Shoshone and Arapaho Tribes of the Wind River Reservation have already expressed their desire to accept these magnificent creatures. This could provide the bison with hundreds of thousands of acres of habitat to thrive on as a wide-ranging herd. You can read more about it here:

We, in Donna the Buffalo, along with you The Herd can help make this happen! How perfect Donna the Buffalo and The Herd helping make possible this restoration of 140 Bison to their native land!

We presented the following idea to the National Wildlife Federation and they loved it! It costs just $50.00 to move one of these Bison back to its native land. What we proposed is a "SAVE THE BUFFALO" campaign where if you donate $50.00 you will essentially "ADOPT A BUFFALO" and the Bison will be NAMED AFTER YOU! (Or your child, or loved one, anyone you want actually). You will receive a certificate from the National Wildlife Federation saying so!

We've started the campaign and have now saved and adopted a buffalo! What fun, there's finally a buffalo named Donna!!

We hope you join us in this endeavor. Our goal is to accomplish this by election day on Tuesday, November 6th! Montana will be electing a new Governor who may or may not be partial to the welfare of these bison!

To Save and Adopt Your Buffalo:
Send a check for $50.00, made out to The National Wildlife Federation, to the address below. Be sure to include your name and address written clearly on a piece of paper with the name you wish to give the Buffalo.

Send to:
Wildlife Management
P.O. Box 287
Trumansburg, NY 14886


Donate via PayPal at BEFORE pressing the SEND MONEY button, make sure to scroll down further to "Email to recipient." ENTER your personal message, including your name, address and what you would like to name the buffalo!

Let's save the buffalo!

Love and Peace,
Tara, Jeb, Mark, David, and Kyle
(posted 10/16/12)

Download Recordings Of DtB From Shakori Hills GrassRoots!

The last notes of this year's Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival had barely finishing ringing in the air when Terry Killebrew got busy working on his recordings, quickly uploading them to the Internet for all to enjoy. Thanks to Terry, you can grab a soundboard recording of Donna the Buffalo's set on Saturday, 10/6/12 from the Live Music Archive at Just as exciting is Terry's soundboard recording of Jeb and Tara's set as a duet from Friday, 10/5/12, which you can download from The Jeb/Tara set featured unique arrangments of several DtB classics, including Big Parade, Blue Sky, Hey Trudy, Mystic Water, and more. Thanks, Terry! (posted 10/11/12)

New Photos: 10/6/12 Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival

If it's October in North Carolina, one of the things you can count on is a series of outstanding performances by Donna the Buffalo at the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival. As usual, DtB played sets on all four days of this fest, including a slightly-earlier-than-usual (8 pm) headlining set on Saturday night. Longtime contributor Paul Roberge was at this gig, and shares with us 12 photos of DtB playing on 10/6/12 in Pittsboro, NC. The set list on this night included It's Love Time, One Day at a Time, The Mill, What It Takes, Forty Days and Forty Nights, and more, and concluded with a sweet pairing for the encore: Times Like These followed by Part-Time Lover. "The vibe felt more like a Thursday set," Paul said. "The knucklehead factor was zero, the band was tight...clouds and cooler air had moved by dusk, but the rain held off until late evening." Thanks so much, Paul! (posted 10/7/12)

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