June 2012

Just Added To The Live Music Archive: Many Rare Recordings Of Early DtB Shows

Thanks to an incredibly dedicated group of tapers, uploaders, and other fans, a slew of older recordings of Donna the Buffalo—most of which hadn't been widely available before—are being uploaded to the Live Music Archive, including shows from more than a decade ago. These includes such gems as Middlesex Music Festival, Middlesex, NY 7/26/92 (soundboard); Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC 6/27/98; Alligator Alley, Sunrise, FL 5/4/00; Brew Glass Festival, Terra Alta, WV 8/18/00 and 8/19/00; and many others. You can download or stream all of the DtB shows in the Archive for free from Major thanks to Capn Hook, who is uploading these shows, and retracking most of them; Brenda McGee, for supplying the CDs from which these recordings are being culled; and of course the tapers, including as Tim Anderson, Gary "Madtaper" Pudvan, Steve Andrews, Jason Espie, Gene Martin, John Bischman, and anyone else who I'm forgetting to mention who's ever taken the time and trouble to record DtB's shows for posterity. (posted 6/25/12)

New Photos And Videos: 6/15/12 Blairstown, NJ

This year, Donna the Buffalo's Jeb Puryear celebrated his birthday by joining his bandmates for a stellar 3-hour performance in a small town in northwestern NJ. The occasion was not overlooked: a few songs into the show, Jordy came onstage with a birthday cake complete with candles, we all sang Happy Birthday, and Jeb shared his cake with everyone there. I was at this show, and can share 2 short videos I shot with my cellphone: the jams during If You Only Could and Blue Sky. I also posted 12 photos of DtB playing on 6/15/12 in Blairstown, NJ.Beyond Jeb's birthday celebration, it was a wonderful night, with a quite a few unexpected gems in the setlist (Spinning World, I Can Fly, It Will Be Right), a new Jeb song, a broken string (Jeb's) that led to a beautiful David McCracken-led jam on Hot Tamale Baby, a 27-minute version of Conscious Evolution that soared from deep and dark to beautiful and gentle and back again, and more. Unfortunately, this show may not have been taped, but it was a night to remember. It also was the 10th anniversary of when I first saw Donna the Buffalo. Thanks to the band and the entire DtB family for all that you do! (posted 6/16/12)

More Photos Of Jeb On Pedal Steel From Spring Shakori

For years the Herd had been patiently waiting for Jeb to again play his pedal steel guitar at a live performance. That wait came to an end in late April, when Jeb broke out his pedal steel at the Spring Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival, first for Riddle of the Universe and then for a cover of The Band's The Weight, which DtB and many other musicians played as as a tribute to Levon Helm, who had just passed away. Gary Pudvan was at this festival and shares with us 9 photos of DtB playing on 4/21/12 in Silk Hope, NC. Gary wisely snapped a few shots of the instrumental backstage before the set (left), and also managed to grab a shot of Tara playing Jeb's Kent guitar during the band's late-night dance tent set with Preston Frank. A few weeks ago, Paul Roberge also had provided us with 11 photos of DtB playing at this festival including shots of the aforementioned songs with Jeb on pedal steel from 4/21/12 as well as a few from the band's early-evening set on Thursday, 4/19/12. Thanks, guys! (posted 6/10/12)

Great Videos From Edinboro Fest 5/1712

On Thursday, 5/17/12, Donna the Buffalo performed at the Edinboro Art & Music Festival in Edinboro, PA. Longtime contributor Michelle Chylinski was there and shot 4 great videos of DtB playing on 5/17/12 in Edinboro, PA, including an absolutely smokin' version of Blue Sky, Be the Change, One Day at a Time, and the last few minutes of Who Stole My Chicken? Michelle has a ton of other great videos of live music on her YouTube channel at, including bands such as Big Leg Emma, Claire Stuczynski, the Town Pants, and more. Thanks, Michelle!
(posted 6/2/12)

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