January 2011

Just Added: Photos From 1/22/11 Morgantown, WV

On Saturday, 1/22/11, Donna the Buffalo returned to 123 Pleasant Street in Morgantown, WV for their first gig in that state since July 2009; the band last played this venue in November 2006. Larry Franklin made the trip and generously shares with us 8 photos of DtB performing on 11/22/11 in Morgantown, WV. The band was in loose, improvisational mood on this night, extending many of their songs into new musical territory and even breaking out a few seldom-heard tunes. "It was a superb show," Larry said. "Current Theme and Front Porch were highlights, as was, of course, WV Rastafari and the story of its inception. They went into some stellar places in jamland last nite! Far more than usual. What fun!" Fortunately, you don't have to take Larry's word for it—thanks to Bean, who taped this gig, you can listen to and download a quality recording of this show from Thanks so much, guys! (posted 1/29/11)

New Photos: 1/20/11 Roanoke, VA

Donna the Buffalo's recent performance at Awful Arthur's in Roanoke, VA was a fine example of why you never really know what will happen at a DtB show. For starters, the band (minus Tara) opened the night with an instrumental version of the blues standard It Hurts Me Too, followed by more instrumental fun that was lead by keyboardist David McCracken. After a string of crowd-pleasers such as Funky Side, Part-Time Lover, Tides of Time, Me and Depression, and Temporary Misery, the band played the relatively new Jeb Puryear song that the fans have been calling Blue Skies and Buttercups. Later in the evening, they would break out a new Tara Nevins song that fans have given a working title of No Reason Why. The encore featured the somewhat rare Sailing, and Hot Tamale Baby. First-time contributor Scott Craig shares with us 6 photos of DtB playing on 1/20/11 in Roanoke, VA, included this outstanding shot of Tara and several gorgeous B&W images. Thanks so much, Scott! (posted 1/23/11)

Photos From Two Nights At Skipper's Smokehouse, Tampa, FL

For many Donna the Buffalo fans, the absolute pinnacle of the band's early January tour of Florida was the two-night stand at Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa. The band has turned in some of their greatest performances ever at this venue, and these recent appearances certainly will make that list. Mark "DaBabe" Roth continued to document this tour and generously provides 12 photos of DtB playing on 1/7/11 and 1/8/11 in Tampa, FL. DtB pulled out all the stops for these two incredible nights, pleasing fans with gems such as Story of the Ages, Snowbird (from the upcoming Tara Nevins solo CD), and a transcendental Let Love Move Me on Friday, 1/7, a show that ended with a 3-song encore: This Goes, Revelation Two Step, and Yeah You Right. The band brought it again the following night, when the set list included Mr. King, Hot Tamale Baby, a cover of Hendrix's Little Wing, Biggie K, Front Porch, Rockin' in the Weary Land, and even a partial version of Sacred Ground by request. Mark's also posted on his YouTube channel a video of the band doing Family Picture on 1/7/11. Thanks so much, Mark! (posted 1/17/11)

First Photos From 1/6/11 Orlando, FL

For the second night of their recent run through the Sunshine State, Donna the Buffalo headed into Orlando. Mark "DaBabe" Roth was on this tour and kindly provides us with 12 photos of DtB playing at The Plaza Theater in Orlando, FL on 1/6/11. The band opened this show in a somewhat uncommon fashion with These Are Better Days and also performed Tides of Time, Positive Friction, Part Time Lover, a tease of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine, If You Only Could, It's Love Time, Beauty Within, Conscious Evolution, Love and Gasoline, In Another World, Revolution, Family Picture, Magic of Love, The Mill, Spinning World, Times Are Bad, Tonight, Tomorrow, and Yesterday, and No Place Like the Right Time, capping off the night with an encore of Mystic Water and Co Fa. "The Orlando show was absolutely amazing," said frequent contributor John Yust. "Tara's bow was down to about one hair by the end." Thanks for the report, guys! (posted 1/13/11)

New Photos: 1/5/11 Jacksonville Beach, FL

Years from now, when fans reminisce about Donna the Buffalo's tour of Florida in early January 2011, besides the band itself, they'll have someone else to thank profusely: Mark "DaBabe" Roth. Mark was a one-man press fleet for this tour, covering all nights of this tour in photos, video, and audio. You can see the videos at Mark's YouTube channel at; at the moment, Mark seems to be posting new videos daily. Mark also has very generously allowed to share his images, starting with 12 photos of DtB performing at Freebird Live in Jacksonville Beach, FL on 1/5/11. On this night, the band's set included the relatively rare Tara Nevins song I'll Be Gone, No Sad Songs, Each & Every Direction, and Co Fa. The night ended with Jeb and Tara performing Mystic Water as a duet (see Mark's video at, followed by the full band for The Mill. Thanks, Mark! (posted 1/11/11)

More Photos From New Year's Eve, Raleigh, NC

First-time contributor Gilbert Simmers ended 2010 and started 2011 in the best way a Donna the Buffalo fan could: by seeing DtB play live. Gilbert was at First Night Raleigh, and kindly shares with us 8 photos of DtB performing on 12/31/10 in Raleigh, NC. As described below, the band put forth an energetic set that led us to the Acorn Drop and fireworks at midnight. Gail Vanderheyden and Terry Killebrew also provided us with 9 other photos from this New Year's Eve gig. "New Year's downtown was great," Gilbert said. "I did not quite have the lens I needed to take these pictures; hope you enjoy them." Thanks so much, Gilbert! (posted 1/9/11)

Sweet Video Of Jeb & Tara From 1/5/11, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Donna the Buffalo's tour of Florida isn't even over yet, but already fans have started to share their coverage on the Net. First up is a most excellent, 9-minute-plus video of Jeb and Tara performing Mystic Water as a duet during the encore of the 1/5/11 show at Freebird in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Mark "DaBabe" shot it and posted it to his YouTube page at Thanks so much, Mark! Look from much more from the Florida tour soon.
(posted 1/7/11)

First Photos From New Year's Eve, Raleigh, NC

For New Year's Eve, Donna the Buffalo treated fans in Raleigh, NC to a very special performance by headlining that city's First Night celebration. Playing outdoors at City Plaza, DtB started at about 10:30 pm with Way Back When and just kept building momentum from there, playing Blue Sky, It's a New Day, Part Time Lover, Tides of Time, It's Love Time, Locket & Key, Family Picture, Let Love Move Me, The Mill, Broken Record, and Funky Side, finishing just in time for a countdown to 2011, an impressive fireworks display, and Auld Lang Syne. Longtime contributors Terry Killebrew and Gail Vanderheyden took time to document the festivities, sharing 9 photos of DtB performing on 12/31/10 in Raleigh, NC, including shots of the fireworks and the Acorn Drop. Terry also recorded this show, and you can download his recording from the Live Music Archive at Thanks, guys! (posted 1/6/11)

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