November 2010

Just Added: Photos From 11/19/10 Buffalo, NY

On Friday, 11/19/10, Donna the Buffalo returned to Buffalo, NY to play at Tralf Music Hall, a venue that according to the band has played 3 times before: twice in 2001 and once in 2002. Longtime support Gene Martin attended this gig, and provides us with 8 photos of DtB performing on 11/19/10 in Buffalo, NY. The band's 3-hour set included plenty of favorites (such as Tides of Time, Family Picture, Conscious Evolution, Funky Side, and No Place Like the Right Time) as well as some relatively new tunes, including Blue Skies and Buttercups. The encore started with just Jeb, Tara and Kyle performing There Must Be. Then the full band came out for We're Working On That and Hot Tamale Baby to end the night. Thanks so much, Gene, for the photos! (posted 11/28/10)

Photos Of DtB And The Phatty Acids, 11/13/10 Atlanta

On their recent stop in Atlanta, Donna the Buffalo treated fans to a rare doubleheader: The band first performed a "regular" gig at the Variety Playhouse, and later did an afterparty at the Five Spot, where they were billed as the Phatty Acids, a band consisting of DtB, former DtB bassist Jay Sanders, Bret Hartley on electric guitar, Jay Hoots on percussion, Paul Roovey on trumpet, and Jonathan Ripley on sax. Always-reliable contributor John Yust captured all of the action and generously shares 12 photos of DtB and the Phatty Acids performing on 11/13/10 in Atlanta, GA. During DtB's set at the Variety, Woody Pines and his band sat in for a few songs; Pines had opened the show. Later, Roovey and Ripley joined DtB for a Hot Tamale Baby encore. The Phatty Acids afterparty was primarily a funky affair that included covers of James Brown songs and an unforgettable version of Joy To The World by Three Dog Night. "Jeb finished the set with something completely improvised with Vic on drums, and 2-Keg and a guy on percussion," John said. "He went on for about 30 minutes. Somebody kept raising and lowering the house lights to try to get him to wrap it up. I'm sure that added at least 10 minutes." Thanks for the photos, John! (posted 11/21/10)

New Review: 11/12/10 Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte, NC

On Friday, 11/12/10, Donna the Buffalo stopped at the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC in the midst of a 3-night mini-tour of the southeast that included shows at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, VA, the night before and at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA the following night. Paul Roberge was at the North Carolina gig, and provides with us his review of DtB's performance on 11/12/10 in Charlotte, NC. On this night, the setlist included an atypical It's a New Day opener, Meant to Be and Ancient Arms by request, the always-show-stopping Let Love Move Me, and a relatively new Jeb Puryear song (working title: Blue Skies and Buttercups) as the closer. Paul also provided several photos from this night, which I hope to post soon. Thanks for the report, Paul! (posted 11/18/10)

Photos From Halloween, State Theatre, Ithaca, NY

To celebrate Halloween 2010, Donna the Buffalo played a very special performance at the State Theatre in Ithaca, NY. On this night DtB shared the stage with Sim Redmond Band, who began the night's entertainment, and Railroad Earth, who concluded it. Frequent contributor Karen Landau was at this party, and generously shares with us 9 photos of DtB performing on 10/31/10 in Ithaca, NY. DtB performed their set in costume, with keyboardist David McCracken going all out as the Green Man, Jeb Puryear in a blonde wig, and more. The set ended with an impromptu costume contest, with dozens of fans taking Jeb up on his offer to join the band onstage during the Hot Tamale Baby closing tune. Thanks for the photos, Karen! (posted 11/11/10)

Just Added: Photos From 10/29/10 New York, NY

On Friday, 10/29/10, Donna the Buffalo returned to Irving Plaza, a venerable New York City institution that the band last played on 12/2/04, when they shared the bill with—and performed several song with—Del McCoury. On this fall night, DtB was on the bill with Railroad Earth, and turned in an energetic set that included a Funky Side opener, Tides of Times, It's Love Time, Silverlined, Conscious Evolution, Family Picture, a new Jeb Puryear song, Part-time Lover, and No Place Like The Right Time. Thanks to David Grace for the setlist. Paul Livingstone was on the rail for this show, and shares with us 3 photos of DtB playing at Irving Plaza in New York, NY on 10/29/10. Thanks for the photos, Paul! (posted 11/4/10)

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