October 2010

New Photos: Magnolia Festival, 10/22/10 - 10/24/10

Every October, Donna the Buffalo travel to Live Oak, FL for a festival that's as much a gathering of the Herd as any gig the band plays all year. Longtime John Yust was on hand, and kindly provides us with 12 photos of DtB performing at Magnolia Festival in Live Oak, FL on 10/22/10 through 10/24/10. John did his usual outstanding job of capturing photos of all of the action at this festival, including pictures of DtB performing their own sets, DtB with Jim Lauderdale, the annual DtB and friends jam (which included Lydia Garrison Damiano, Oteil Burbridge, and many others), the late-night "secret" session, and even a shot of Jeb playing his guitar with a drumstick. Setlists for all of DtB's performances during this weekend are available at Thanks for the photos, John! (posted 10/31/10)

Photo Flashback: 9/11/10 Wilkes-Barre, PA

In mid-September, Donna the Buffalo made their first-ever appearance at the FM Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Dave Slack was at this show and generously shares with us 10 photos of DtB performing on 9/11/10 in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Highlights of the band's set on this night included Conscious Evolution, Living In Babylon, and Locket and Key. DtB shared the stage at this show with Railroad Earth, and will do so 3 more times in late October: After kicking off a 4-show run by themselves on Thursday, 10/28/10 at the Sellersville Theatre in Sellersville, PA, DtB will perform shows with Railroad Earth on Friday, 10/29/10 at the Filmore at Irving Plaza in New York, NY; on Saturday, 10/30/10 at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA; and at a special Halloween show on Sunday, 10/31/10 at the State Theatre in Ithaca, NY. The Ithaca show will also feature the Sim Redmond Band, and the times for that gig has been revised as follows: Sim at 7:30; DtB at 8:30, and RRE at 10:30. Thanks for the photos, Dave! (posted 10/26/10)

More Magic From Fall Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival

Bill Davis brought his keen eye and his camera to this year's Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival, and captured fantastic shots of some of this event's most memorable musical moments. Bill kindly provides us with 4 photos of Jeb Puryear (on acoustic guitar) and Maggie Roberge (on harp) performing a beautiful rendition of Evensong on 10/10/10 in Silk Hope, NC. A day earlier, Jeb and Tara Nevins performed another of what have affectionately become known as their duo sets; this one included performances of Snowbird (a new Tara tune that will appear on her upcoming solo CD), as well as Don't Go Down, Silverlined, Come To Life, and more. Bill was again in the right spot at the right time for this one, and shares 8 photos of Jeb and Tara playing a duo set on Carson's Grove Stage on 10/9/10. Thanks, Bill! (posted 10/18/10)

Tons Of Videos From Shakori Hills GrassRoots!

A bunch of videos of Donna the Buffalo performing at last weekend's Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival in Silk Hope, NC have been posted on the Net in the past few days. On xscreamthynamex's YouTube channel, there is a wonderful video of DtB (minus Tara) covering the Jimi Hendrix song Little Wing to open their set on 10/10/10. Longtime contributor Terry Killebrew offers up clips of DtB from 10/8/10, including Conscious Evolution, It's Love Time, Part Time Lover, and No Sad Songs. A video of Sam Fribush sitting in with DtB and Preston Frank for an unbelievably good Hot Tamale Baby on 10/10/10 is available at And finally, on burskee59's YouTube channel, there are a slew of videos from Shakori, including a clip of Jeb and Tara performing Snowbird, a new Tara tune that will appear on her upcoming solo CD, during their duo set on 10/9/10; DtB doing Tides of Time on 10/10/10; DtB with Preston Frank in the Dance Tent on 10/10/10; and much more. Thanks to everyone who took the time to shoot and share these videos, and keep 'em coming!
(posted 10/14/10)

First Photos From Fall Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival

Donna the Buffalo's GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance now takes place three times each year: once each summer in Trumansburg, NY and once each spring and fall in Silk Hope, NC. This year's fall edition of GrassRoots took place on a glorious weekend in early October, and frequent contributor Paul Roberge was there to document the event, generously sharing with us 12 photos of DtB playing on 10/7/10 in Silk Hope, NC. "The band was tight and seemed in great spirits," Paul said. "They turned in a strong set, the highlights of which were The Mill, which the crowd really got into, and Me and Depression, which featured some intriguing guitar and fiddle work. The ambient vibe among those of us gathered in front of the stage was one of family and joy at our having returned to this sacred ground." Songs the band also performed in this early-evening set included Look to the Future, I'll Be Gone, Positive Friction, Part-Time Lover, If You Only Could, 40 Days and 40 Nights, Spinning World, and Tonight, Tomorrow, and Yesterday. Thanks so much for your words and photos, Paul! Stayed tuned for more coverage from this special weekend. (posted 10/11/10)

New Photos: 9/9/10 Mr. Small's Theater, Millvale, PA

In early September, Donna the Buffalo set off on a four-night run of shows that included a stop at one of the band's regular haunts, Mr. Small's Theater, a venue just outside of Pittsburgh in Millvale, PA that they've played since at least 2004. Larry Franklin turned out for this show, and generously shares with us 12 photos of DtB performing on 9/9/10 in Millvale, PA. On this night DtB was in fine form, putting forth a set that included relatively new songs (We're Working On That, It's Love Time, Tonight, Tomorrow and Yesterday), relatively rare songs (That Place That Lover Do), cover tunes (No Sad Songs, Went Down To The River) and of course a bunch of fan favorites, including Positive Friction, Conscious Evolution, Forty Days and Forty Nights, Me and Depression, and more. Thanks for the photos, Larry! (posted 10/3/10)

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