June 2010

Just Added: Photos From 6/20/10 Croton-on-Hudson, NY

6/20/10 Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Donna the Buffalo's recent performance at Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival was the band's third appearance at this environmentally-themed fest; previously the band played Clearwater in 2001 and 2002. Ever-intrepid taper Gary Pudvan was at this gig, and generously shares with us 6 photos of DtB performing on 6/20/10 in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. The band's set on this day consisted of Movin' On, The Beauty Within, Conscious Evolution, Locket & Key, Family Picture, It's Love Time, Hot Tamale Baby, Blue Sky, These Are Better Days, Livin' On Love & Gasoline, Tonight, Tomorrow, & Yesterday, Hey Trudy, and No Place Like The Right Time. "Short but oh so sweet," Gary said. "It was a blazin' hot day, so when the rain came during Hot Tamale nobody minded. The rain only lasted for a couple of songs and was really refreshing." Thanks as always for your photos, Gary! (posted 6/30/10)

New Photos: 6/18/10 Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ

6/18/10 Teaneck, NJ
On Friday, 6/18/10, Donna the Buffalo graced the stage at Mexicali Live, a NJ venue they first played in October 2006. The Jersey Herd contingent was out in full force, as evidenced by all the smiling faces and bouncing bodies. Mad Taper Gary Pudvan and I were there, and together we share 9 photos of DtB playing in Teaneck, NJ on 6/18/10. The band was relaxed and in the groove this night, turning in a solid set that included Do My Thing, Arrows Pointing Sideways, Co Fa, The Ones You Love, and Each and Every Direction. The encore started with the band discussing not just which song to play but which of two tambourines Tara should play; she explained that she liked the way both sounded but one was easier to play so she preferred it. Jeb seemed to disagree with her choice. Then Dave launched into a high-energy, gospel-like vamp and the rest of the band joined in, including Tara on the less-favorite tambourine. After a few seconds, they ended and someone said, "Now let's play it again using the other tambouine," and so they did. After this, they went into Tonight, Tomorrow, and Yesterday and then ended the night with Hot Tamale Baby. Thanks for the photos, Gary! (posted 6/26/10)

Tara Has Begun Recording Her Next Solo CD

5/21/10 Rochester, NY A rumor from a trusted source says that Tara Nevins has started to lay down tracks for her next, as-yet-untitled solo effort. Word has it that the disc is being produced by none other than the legendary Larry Campbell and that it is being recorded at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY, home to Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble. No news yet on when this gems will be released. (posted 6/23/10)

Live Coverage From Tonight's Show In New Jersey

I'll be tweeting the setlist and photos from Donna the Buffalo's show tonight, 6/18/10, at Mexicali's in Teaneck, NJ on starting at about 10 p.m. eastern time. (posted 6/18/10)

First Photos Of Blast From The Bayou, 6/12/10 Preston, CT

6/12/10 Preston, CT
On Saturday, 6/12/10, Donna the Buffalo performed at the Blast From The Bayou, which is informally known as the Strawberry Park Cajun/Zydeco Festival. This was the band's second appearance at this event; the first took place in June 2007. contributor Kevin Umlauf generously shares with us 9 excellent photos of DtB playing on 6/12/10 in Preston, CT. Kevin's shots include several of Steve Riley sitting in with DtB on accordion; sharp readers will remember that Kevin also provided us with shots of Steve Riley's band sitting in with DtB at the Mardi Gras Ball in Cranston, RI on 2/13/10, as well as photos from the band's first appearance at the Strawberry Park festival on 6/10/07. About this year's gig Kevin said, "We threaded the needle with rain on Saturday. It cleared up long enough to get their set in. Best part about no rain was I could get my camera out!" Kevin's got a wonderful selection of his photos of DtB and other musicians posted on his site at Thanks so much, Kevin! (posted 6/17/10)

More Photos From Hookaville 5/29/10

5/29/10 Thornville, OH
Jim Kirk has been a fan of Donna the Buffalo since the late 1990s, but his 4 photos of DtB playing on 5/29/10 at Hookaville in Thornville, OH are his first contribution to These are in addition to 12 photos of this same show previously shared by Gary Pudvan. As described below, this performance was memorable in that the band performed most of their set without lead guitarist Jeb Puryear, who was ill. "I knew something was wrong before they even started playing because when Jeb walked out to tune up he was wearing a felt hat and long sleeves and it was blazing hot. Also he didn't seem to have that usual slightly bemused look that he usually has when surveying the audience," Jim said. "After he abruptly walked off the stage the band seemed slightly stumped, but they were all laughing at their predicament and once they settled in they rocked, with Dave trying to fill in on the organ and keyboards some of the space left by the missing leads." Jim added, "Of the organ players I have seen [with DtB], Dave is by far the best one I have heard. I always thought the organ was a really vital component of the band, and part of what made their sound unique, but sometimes it was just used to add color. Dave is a really assertive player and jumps right in there with the solos. The band is sounding the best I've ever heard!" Thanks so much, Jim, for your excellent photos and description. (posted 6/12/10)

New Photos: 5/29/10 Hookaville, Thornville, OH

5/29/10 Thornville, OH
On Saturday, 5/29/10 Donna the Buffalo returned to Hookaville, a festival hosted by the popular Ohio-based band ekoostik hookah. DtB had played at this twice-a-year fest before, in Spring 2001 and Fall 2005. The band's set included Tides of Time, Hot Tamale Baby, Blue Sky, I'll Be Gone, Family Picture, and I Wish You Love. This year's appearance was unique because the band performed a portion of their set without Jeb Puryear, who was ill. contributer Gady "Mad Taper" Pudvan, who generously shares with us 12 photos of Donna the Buffalo performing on 5/29/10 in Thornville, OH, explains: "Jeb actually lasted 3 songs before having to depart. The Hot Tamale Baby was a very cool jam. Dave sang just the first verse and then the fun began. Tara switched from accordion to rubboard and she and Vic lay down a solid rhythm while David, who has his clavinet sounding like a guitar, goes off with Kyle. What a fun jam." Gary added that a guitar player, Will, from a local band that covers Donna songs joined DtB for The Ones You Love; if anyone knows his full name, send it to me at Jeb valiantly returned to perform Conscious evolution to close the set. Thanks for the photos, Gary! (posted 6/5/10)

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