October 2009

More MagFest Photos: 10/23/09 With Jim Lauderdale

10/23/09 Live Oak, FL

One of the highlights of MagFest every year is the set Donna the Buffalo plays with longtime musical friend and Grammy award-winning country music star Jim Lauderdale. Frequent contributor Phil Ross was at this year's "Jonna the Bufferdale" set and kindly shares with us 10 photos of DtB performing with Jim Lauderdale on Friday, 10/23, in Live Oak, FL. The setlist for this gig included Except For That One Time, a song Jeb Puryear and Lauderdale started writing together at MagFest last year and finished sometime this year, as well as multiple songs from the 2003 DtB/Lauderdale release Wait Til Spring. Thanks for the photos, Phil!
(posted 10/30/09)

First Photos From Magnolia Festival

10/22/09 Live Oak, FL

The first batch of photos of Donna the Buffalo from this year's MagFest come to us courtesy of first-time contributor Charlie Houder. Charlie kindly provides us with 5 photos of DtB performing on Magnolia Festival's Meadow Stage in Live Oak, FL on Thursday, 10/22. These big, beautiful images include shots of everyone in the band except drummer Vic Stafford. Thanks for the photos, Charlie! I have plenty more photos from this festival that I'll post soon, so check back often.
(posted 10/29/09)

More Photos From Fall Shakori Hills GrassRoots

10/11/09 Silk Hope, NC

The second batch of Bill Davis' photos from the fall Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival consists primarily of photos from the band's Saturday night set. Bill generously shares with us 9 shots DtB playing on 10/10/09 in Silk Hope, NC. The band's performance on this night featured a surprising Come to Life opener, Voice in My Head, These Are Better Days, I'll Be Gone, Concious Evolution, 40 Days & 40 Nights, and an In Another World>Revolution encore. Bill's photos include terrific shots of Jeb playing his Ken guitar, which he did for It's Love Time and Ding Dang Dong; a nice shot of a smiling Vic Stafford; and two great B&W shots of Tara playing electric guitar during Preson Frank's dance tent set on 10/11 (left). Thanks for the photos, Bill! (posted 10/24/09)

Good Chance There Will Be A Webcast From MagFest

If you can't make it down to Florida to see Donna the Buffalo at MagFest this weekend, there's a strong possibility that you'll be able to see and hear a webcast of DtB's performance on Saturday, 10/24. If it takes place, the webcast will begin around 10:30 p.m. eastern time on 10/24 at An audio webcast of DtB's set with Jim Lauderdale on Friday afternoon 10/23 went off without a hitch. Thanks to Gene, Rand, Carol, and everyone else who is making this coverage possible! (posted 10/23/09)

Join The New Email List

The old Herd email list is no more, but you can join the new donnafans email list with just a few simple clicks. To subscribe, send an email to You don't have to have a Google account to subscribe to this list, but if you do, or want to create one, you can join the list by going to (posted 10/23/09)

New Photos: 10/8/09 Silk Hope, NC

10/8/09 Silk Hope, NC

Twice each year--in April and October--the celebration known as the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance turns a piece of land in North Carolina into a little bit of heaven. Bill Davis attended the most recent gathering of this Herd, and kindly provides us with 12 stunning photos of Donna the Buffalo performing on Thursday, 10/8/09 in Silk Hope, NC. Bill's excellent photographs were in part the payoff from a new lens (a Pentax 1.4 50mm) that he obtained just two days before the festival. "The results are pretty good; I will say it's not very forgiving since the depth of field is microscopic, so I still need to practice with it," Bill said. "What a nice time at Shakori Hills for sure. Every time I return to that property I like it better." Thanks for the photos, Bill, can't wait to share the rest of what you shot at this fest! For a description of DtB's performance this night, check out Paul Roberge's review. You can also watch the band's performance of Why You Wanna Leave Me? from this show thanks to a very well-done video Ernie Smith posted on YouTube at (posted 10/18/09)

Photo Flashback: 4/4/09 Stroudsburg, PA

4/4/09 SStroudsburg, PA

Here's a look into the not-so-distant past: On Saturday, 4/4/09, Donna the Buffalo rolled into Stroudsburg, PA for what according to may have been the band's first show ever in this Pennsylvania city. The setlist for this gig, which took place at the Sherman Theater, was heavy on songs from DtB's latest CD, Silverlined. In addition to the title track, DtB also performed Temporary Misery, Locket & Key, Biggie K, Broken Record, and Garden of Eden. Among the older favorite songs they played were Family Picture, Hit the Groove, Sailing, Hot Tamale Baby, and America. The night ended with a heck of an encore: In Another World, Revolution, and Blue Sky. First-time contributor Dave Slack was at this show, and shares with us 12 photos of Donna the Buffalo performing on 4/4/09 in Stroudsburg, PA. Thanks for the memories, Dave--if it wasn't for you, images from this show most likely never would have seen the light of day. (posted 10/15/09)

First Reviews Of Shakori Hill GrassRoots

Steadfast contributor Paul Roberge has a way with words--his reviews of Donna the Buffalo's shows paint a picture as vivid as any of the photos on this site, with the added benefit of being able to accurately capture the spiritual side of the experience that all too often gets overlooked. Last weekend Paul attended the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance in Silk Hope, NC, and kindly shares with us his impressions of DtB's opening-day performance on Thursday, 10/8/09--which started atypically with Biggie K, and later included the somewhat rare Yonder--and the band's headlining gig on Saturday, 10/10/09, which closed with the In Another World>Revolution pairing. "In addition to some outstanding music, I relished the opportunity to be in the company of the loved ones I've been lucky to have found," Paul said. Thanks so much for the reviews!
(posted 10/12/09)

The Return Of The Herd Birthday List

One of the most popular features of Majic's was a page that listed the birthdays of members of the Herd. With Majic's consent I'm going to re-create that page on If you'd like your birthday to be included, email your birthday and your name exactly as you would like it to appear to Once I have a decent amount of birthdays to list, I'll add the page to this site, and post a link to it on this page and on the Herd email discussion list. (posted 10/10/09)

Just Added: Photos From 9/27/09 St. Petersburg, FL

9/27/09 St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg, FL recently received a double dose of Donna the Buffalo: First this city got to host Jeb and Tara playing their first shows as a duet (see below), and then the next day the band did a free show as part of the St. Petersburg FolkFest. Robert Chrismer was at the Folkfest, and generously provides us with 12 photos of DtB performing on 9/27/09 in St. Petersburg, FL. On this day, the band's set consisted of Way Back When, Tides Of Time, These Are Better Days, The Beauty Within, 40 Days & 40 Nights, Temporary Misery, Ring Of Fire, The Mill, Arrow Pointing Sideways, Locket & Key, Family Picture, It's Love Time, I Don't Need A Riddle, Ding Dang Dong, Blue Sky, Times Are Bad, The Ones You Love, Conscious Evolution and a Hot Tamale Baby encore. Percussion Nery Arevalo came onstage for Locket & Key and joined the band for the rest of the set. For part of this show, Jeb played for the first time an early '70s Gibson L6-S. Thanks for the photos, Robert! (posted 10/8/09)

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