September 2009

First Photos: Tara Nevins & Jeb Puryear, 9/26/09

9/26/09  Tara & Jeb acoustic, St. Petersburg, FL

Longtime Donna the Buffalo fan and contributor was one of the lucky few who got to see one of the two unique shows by Jeb Puryear and Tara Nevins that took place last Saturday at the Craftsman House Gallery & Cafe. Phil was in attendance at the second performance of the evening; the first was slated to start at 7:30 pm and the second at 10. Each set lasted about two hours, and Jeb and Tara were backed by percussionist Nery Arevalo for both. Phil shares with us 11 photos of Jeb and Tara playing on 9/26/09 in St. Petersburg, FL. "Needless to say, last night was magical," Phil said on Sunday. "Many Herd friends packed tightly into this wonderful little cafe/gallery. Highlights for me included Peggy-O, Times are Bad, and Stars Fell On Alabama. The vibe was beautiful and happy and the music was sweet, mellow, and spiritual at points. Current Theme was awesome, and they finished with a long version of Looking For A Place to Be." Phil's also got some great shots from the free Donna the Buffalo show at Folkfest St. Pete the next day that I'll post soon. Thanks so much, Phil! (posted 9/28/09)

New Photos: Tara In Huntsville, AL 9/20/09

9/20/09  Tara & Charlie Howell, Huntsville, AL

On Sunday, 9/20/09, Tara Nevins performed a show at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment in Huntville, AL with local singer/songwriter Charlie Howell. The Believers' Craig Aspen and Cyd Frazzini opened the show and later joined Tara and Charlie for some of their set. Mike Poole was at this event, and shares with us 12 photos of Tara Nevins and friends playing on 9/20/09 in Huntsville, AL. "We had a blast," Mike said. "They moved the show indoors due to rain. There wasn't a huge crowd but, as Tara said, 'It's not the meat it's the motion.' Charlie Howell's a very talented singer-songwriter and a nice guy to boot. It's interesting to see Tara trying some new things. Mike also posted two videos from this performance: Locket & Key at and a sweet version of Stars Fell On Alabama at Thanks for the words and photos, Mike! (posted 9/27/09)

Jeb & Tara To Play Shows In St. Pete On 9/26

On Saturday, 9/26/09, Donna the Buffalo's Jeb Puryear and Tara Nevins will play two very special sets in St. Petersburg, FL. The shows will take place at the Craftsman House Gallery & Cafe, 2955 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, (727) 323-2787. Backed by percussionist Nery Arevalo, Jeb and Tara will play two shows: one at 7:30 pm and a second at 10 pm. The 7:30 show sold out instantly; as of 7 pm EDT on Thur. 9/24, there were a dozen tickets left for the 10 pm show. If you get shut out, don't fret: Donna the Buffalo will play a free show 2:30 pm the next day, Sunday, 9/27 at Folkfest St. Pete. And of course, check back here for setlists and photos from this very special event. (posted 9/24/09)

Just Added: Photos From 8/29/09 Missoula, MT

8/29/09  Missoula, MT

In late August, Donna the Buffalo played in Montana for the first time ever. The band headlined the first day of the River City Roots Festival in Missoula, taking the stage after a great set by Great American Taxi, featuring Leftover Salmon's Vince Herman. Performing a two-hour set in front of several thousand fans in an outdoor, downtown setting, DtB played the relatively new Jeb Puryear songs Ding Dang Dong and Love Time as well as a slew of their most popular tunes, including Tides of Time, Family Picture, Blue Sky, The Ones You Love, Conscious Evolution, No Place Like the Right Time, and a Funkyside encore. The hightlight, however, may have been a mid-set Mystic Water. Gary Pudvan was at this show, and provides us with 10 photos of Donna the Buffalo playing on 8/29/09 in Missoula, MT. Thanks for the photos, Gary! (posted 9/22/09)

New Photos: 8/3/09 Grand Rapids, MI

8/3/09 Grand Rapids, MI

Bryant Drechsel's first contribution to is a terrific one: Bryant is the first (and so far, the only) fan to submit photos from Donna the Buffalo's recent return to the beautiful Meijer Gardens. His 12 photos of DtB playing on 8/3/09 in Grand Rapids, MI show a relaxed band performing in what has to be one of the most beautiful venues in the Midwest, if not the entire United States. This show was notable in that band opened with a Tara Nevins song, Locket & Key; if you cruise through the setlists on, you'll see that the band usually starts with a Jeb Puryear song. The Grand Rapids show also featured Family Picture, Movin' On, I Don't Need A Riddle, Positive Friction, Blue Sky, Rockin' Horse, Ring Of Fire, Livin' On Love & Gasoline, and Conscious Evolution. Thanks for the photos, Bryant! (posted 9/15/09)

More Photos From Denver, 8/26/09 & 8/27/09

8/27/09 Denver, CO

Gary Pudvan was among those fortunate fans who got to see Donna the Buffalo during the band's swing through several states in the Western United States in late August. He generously shares with us 10 photos of DtB playing on 8/26/09 and 8/27/09 at Owsley's Golden Road, Denver, CO. The 8/26/09 peformance included Hit the Groove, Me & Depression, WV Rastafari, and an encore of Garden of Eden and Hot Tamale Baby. A description of some of the highlights from the 8/27/09 show appears below. "Out of the mountains for a two-day run with our favorite band in the 'funnest venue in the USA,'" Gary said. "Donna was on fire for these repeats. My feet haven't touched the ground since these stellar shows. Thank you, Donna The Buffalo!" Thank you, Gary, for these wonderful photos! (posted 9/11/09)

New Review: 9/5/09 Boone, NC's most prolific review contributor, Paul Roberge, recently attended the Daniel Boone Days Music & Culture Festival in Boone, NC, where Donna the Buffalo had a headlining set. He provides us with a description of the event in his review of DtB's performance on 9/5/09 in Boone, NC, including a concise summary of exactly what it is that makes Donna the Buffalo who they are: "The connectedness between band and audience is what makes Donna the Buffalo shows so special (in addition to musical virtuosity in its own right), and that special, indeed precious connection was achieved again this evening in Boone." Thanks for the write-up Paul, and happy (belated) birthday. (posted 9/7/09)

Photos From Denver 8/27/09

8/27/09 Denver, CO

The first photos from Donna the Buffalo's late August tour of several Western states come to us from Bill Davis, who shares 3 photos of DtB performing on 8/27/09 at Owsley's Golden Road, Denver, CO. This was the second night of a two-night stand at this venue. The band opened the show with It's A New Day and performed several classics, including Tides of Time, Voice in My Head, and Blue Sky, as well as a few pleasant surprises, such as a mid-set Let Love Move Me and Yonder to end the set. The fun continued with 2 two-song encores: first came the new Jeb tune Ding Dang Dong paired with Chocolate 3-step. Then, Jeb and Tara came back out to play Need You More And More as a duet, which Bill photographed (right). Then the entire band ended the night with a rousing version of Funkyside. Thanks for the photos, Bill!
(posted 9/5/09)

Check Out Videos From The Denver Shows

Denver, CO 8/26/09 & 8/27/09

Colorado's biggest Donna the Buffalo fan, Ziggy, has posted some videos of the band's performances on 8/26/09 and 8/27/09 at Owsley's Golden Road in Denver on his YouTube page at These include clips of the rarely-heard I'll Be Gone, Greatest Love of All, Me & Depression, a smokin' cover of the Keith Frank tune Why You Wanna Leave Me, David McCracken laying down a scorching solo during Blue Sky, and the entire band doing a funky jam. Thanks, Ziggy! (posted 9/3/09)

A Very Special Evening With Tara Nevins And Charlie Howell

Tara Nevins

On Sunday, 9/20/09, Tara Nevins will perform a unique gig in Huntsville, AL with local singer/songwriter Charlie Howell. The show will take place at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, 2211 Seminole Drive, Huntsville, AL; 256-533-0399. Tara and Charlie will perform a mixture of both Tara's and Charlie's material. The Believers (Craig Aspen and Cyd Frazzini) will open the show and later will join Tara and Charlie for some of their set. Doors at 5 p.m., show at 6 p.m. Admission is $7 and kids 12 and under are free. Bring your food, drinks, blankets, and lawn chairs. (posted 8/31/09)

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