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April 2005

New Photos: Saturday Night At Shakori Folks are calling last weekend's Shakori GrassRoots in Silk Hope, NC, literally the greatest festival ever, and Donna the Buffalo's performances at this venue are always among their best. Thanks to Terry Killebrew, you can check out 20 great photos of Donna's set there last Saturday night, 4/23/05. Thanks so much, Terry, for your ongoing contributions to DonnaFans.com. (posted 4/28/05)

Just Added: Review of 4/26/05, Washington, D.C. On Tuesday, 4/26/05, Donna the Buffalo performed the first of two nights opening up for Bob Weir's band, Ratdog, at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. Dwight Holmes was there, and in his review of Donna's set that night, he explains how the band made the most of its 60-minute slot in front of a less-than-completely-friendly crowd. Thanks, Dwight! (posted 4/27/05)

Coming Next: Scenes From Shakori As you might guess from Terry Killebrew's photo (above) of Donna the Buffalo's set last Saturday night, 4/23/05, at Shakori GrassRoots in Silk Hope, NC, the weather was a little bit chilly, but the music was most definitely hot, as the band played three memorable sets over three days at this beloved festival. I'll be posting pages with a bunch of Terry's photos from this fest within the next day or so; in the meantime, you can catch the setlists at DonnaBase.com. (posted 4/26/05)

Check Out Video From Shakori...Already! Jim Roe doesn't waste any time--he's already got two video clips of last weekend's festivities from Shakori Grassroots posted on his web site. The first is of Jeb on guitar and Bill on vocals joining the Keith Frank band for Part-Time Lover; Bill's singing and dancing literally cannot be described by words. The second features just Jeb, Tara, and Kathy delivering There Must Be as the encore to the band's Saturday night set. Right before the tune, with just Jeb and Tara onstage, Jeb jokingly says, "I guess we're gonna play you one more song, the band just quit." Tara replies, "That's never stopped us before..." and the crowd roars. Nice work, Jim. (posted 4/26/05)

Life's A Ride Has Arrived! My preordered copy of Donna the Buffalo's brand-new CD Life's A Ride showed up in today's mail--did yours? I've already listened to it a few times, and the mixes sound great. With all of the live Donna CDs I listen to, this studio recording is a nice change of pace. Call it a consolation prize for those of us not seeing Donna at Shakori this weekend. If you haven't already done so, you can order a copy from Funkyside.com. (posted 4/22/05)

Wanna Trade? I just updated my list of Donna the Buffalo shows for trade. Some of the shows I've recently downloaded or otherwise acquired include two of Jim Miller's last shows with the band (12/9/04, Amenia, NY and 12/11/04, Northampton, MA), the 4/9/05 Troy, NY show that includes the band's cover of In The Summertime, and a really cool disc of The Heartbeats with Tara Nevins from Great Blue Heron 7/3/93 (Thanks, Jeff!). Interested in trading or getting a B&P? Email me: fans@donnafans.com. (posted 4/19/05)

Memories From Fall Shakori '04 Donna the Buffalo is about to head out to Silk Hope, NC for the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival, which runs from Thursday, 4/21 until Sunday, 4/24. Donna will play each day, and the fest will also feature Preston Frank, Keith Frank, Nickel Creek, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Snake Oil Medicine Show, and many more. Whether you're going to be there or merely wish you were, you'll probably enjoy Terry Killebrew's photos of Donna's performance from last year's Fall Shakori on Sunday, 10/10/04. Most of the photos are from evening set, during which the band was joined by John Specker, Jim Lauderdale, and others, while a few are from a set with Jim Lauderdale earlier that day. Thank you, Terry, and have a great time at Shakori this weekend. (posted 4/18/05)

Just Added: Review Of 4/9/05, Troy, NY David Grace, aka DOG, was on the rail as usual for Donna the Buffalo's 4/9/05 performance at Revolution Hall in Troy, NY, and he was kind enough to let me post his review of that show on DonnaFans.com. David's got a way of describing a Donna show that's uniquely his own. Thanks, David! (posted 4/14/05)

New Photos: Troy, NY If you like grainy photos, you'll love the shots I took of Donna the Buffalo's 4/9/05 show at Revolution Hall in Troy, NY. Though you can't really tell from these photos, the band seemed to have enjoyed itself immensely, as did the near-capacity crowd. I'll post a review of this show within the next few days, and if anyone's got some better photos of this gig, please send 'em my way: fans@donnafans.com. (posted 4/13/05)

New Cover Tune Debuted In Troy On Saturday, 4/9, at their show at Revolution Hall in Troy, NY, Donna the Buffalo covered Mungo Jerry's In The Summertime for the first time. (If you're not sure you remember this #1 hit from 1970, you can find the lyrics and listen to a MIDI file of it here.) In typical DtB fashion, the band didn't let a little thing like not knowing the lyrics prevent them from playing it--they performed it as an instrumental, and the audience provided the vocals. (posted 4/10/05)

Great Video Of Suwanee Flooding Go to HaveYouHerd.com, scroll down a little, and you'll find a link to a five-minute video clip of the conditions after the rain at Suwanee Springfest in Live Oak, FL, where Donna played 3/24 - 3/26. The video, which is available as both a 16-meg or 47-meg file, really shows the devastation of the flooding in a way the photos can't. (posted 4/9/05)

Donna Returns To The Northeast...Briefly Temporarily casting aside their honorary residencies in Florida and North Carolina, Donna the Buffalo will return to the Northeast this weekend for a two-night stint. Friday, 4/8, they'll play at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT and the next night's gig is at Revolution Hall in Troy, NY (photos and a review of the NY show will be on DonnaFans.com within days). But by 4/21 they'll be headed back to North Carolina for Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival, then up to DC for two nights opening for Ratdog, before heading right back to NC for Merlefest 4/29 to 5/1 and back to FL for a five-night run. According to Donnabase.com, of the 34 shows Donna the Buffalo played this year up to 4/7, exactly half have been in FL (13 shows) or NC (4 shows). (posted 4/7/05)

More Scenes From Suwanee New DonnaFans.com contributor Don Farr shares with us just a few photos from the rain-soaked Suwanee Springfest in Live Oak, FL, where Donna played 3/24 - 3/26, and they're all good ones: Three of the flooding and one of Jeb wrapping things up 3 a.m. Sunday morning with a solo redition of You Take Your Last Step. Plus I just added two more of John Yust's photos from Springfest--they're of Jeb, Ward Puryear, and Keith Frank picking at the Herd campsite. Thank you, gentlemen, for sharing your photos. (posted 4/2/05)

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