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January 2006

New Photos: 1/28/06, Crystal Bay, NV
Question: What's missing from Bob Bunce's 12 photos of Donna the Buffalo playing on 1/28/06 at the Crystal Bay Club in Crystal Bay, NV? Answer: Kathy Ziegler, who is pregnant. On the current tour, Kathy was with the band from Seattle through San Francisco, but did not play on this night, as well as the next night's gig in Quincy, CA. Those in attendence said the rest of the band turned it up a notch and played two outstanding shows despite her absence. Rumor has it that KZ will rejoin the band in Denver. (posted 1/30/06)

Latest News From The Western Tour
Donna the Buffalo has completed the first leg of their tour of the western states and is presently traveling toward Utah. The band was well-received at shows in Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; Crystal Bay, NV; and Quincy, CA (setlists for some of these shows are at Donnabase.com.) Jeb and Tara have been playing some tunes as a duet for certain encores, including Wheels Keep Turning in Crystal Bay and Living in Babylon in Quincy, which was a theater show with most of the audience seated. Jeb has not yet brought back out the Kent guitar he used on select songs at few shows earlier in January. (posted 1/30/06)

Rare Tunes In Birmingham
At their performance on 1/11/06 at the curiously name Workplay Theatre in Birmingham, AL, Donna the Buffalo played a pair of songs they hadn't done in a little while: Off to Dreamland, a personal favorite of mine that they last did on 3/16/05 in Vail, CO, and There Must Be, which hadn't been played since 4/23//05 at Shakori GrassRoots in Silk Hope, NC. Purple person Linda Dicus was fortunate enough to be at this show, and is kindly allowing me to host three of her photos of the band playing on 1/11/06 in Birmingham, AL, including this classic shot of Jeb and Bill doing what they do best (left). Thanks, Linda, and I look forward to sharing more of your photos soon. (posted 1/26/06)

Sweet Home Alabama
Donna the Buffalo opened its tour of the southeast earlier this month with a show at the Crossroad Cafe in Huntsville, AL on 1/10. There weren't too many people taking photos that night, but Bob Bunce was one of them, and here he shares a half dozen images of DtB in Huntsville, AL on 1/10/06, including this terrific shot (right) of Kathy Z proudly wearing her "Mom To Be" T-shirt. Bob explains why he chose a sepia tone: "The stage at the Crossroads was permanantly drenched in red light, so I took all shots with a flash. I hate the clean flash look, so I did the sepia tone to get away from that look. Just an experiment, hoping that it mixes things up for the DonnaFans." Thanks, Bob, your efforts are forever appreciated. (posted 1/25/06)

Western States Tour Starts Wed. 1/25
Donna the Buffalo is currently on the bus headed cross country for a series of dates in states in the west. The tour starts on 1/25 in Seattle, WA, followed by shows in Portland, OR (1/26), San Francisco, CA (1/27), Crystal Bay, NV (1/28), Quincy, CA (1/29), Park City, UT (1/31), Vail, CO (2/2), Denver, CO (2/3), and Boulder, CO (2/4). Rumor has it that some of the shows in smaller venues, particular Seattle and Boulder, will sell out in advance. It's also believed that keyboardist Kathy Ziegler, who is expecting a baby in March, will be with the band for most or all of these shows. On her site, www.kathyziegler.com, KZ says a concert with Mary Lorson and Jennie Stearns in Trumansburg, NY on 2/12 will be "my last gig before the baby." (posted 1/24/06)

The Asheville Photos Controversy
Several people have emailed DonnaFans.com to point out that Zex's photos of Donna the Buffalo playing on 1/14/06 at the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC, which I added to this site on 1/16, weren't from that show. Those photos were in fact taken at the band's Asheville show; the color may have been off, but they were from that night. To see for yourself, compare Zex's photos with Terry Killebrew's 11 images of that same show, 1/14/06 in Asheville. Hope this clears up the controversy, and gentlemen, thanks so much for allowing me to host your photos. (posted 1/22/06)

New Photos: Raleigh, NC 1/12/06
True to form, longtime DonnaFans.com contributor Terry Killebrew was at both of Donna the Buffalo's recent shows in his home state of North Carolina. Here Terry gives us a look at 11 of his photos of DtB's show on 1/12/06 at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh, NC, including several of Jeb playing the funky Kent guitar he debuted during this tour. Terry also shot the band's 1/14 performance at the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC, and I'll be adding those soon. Thanks, Terry! (posted 1/19/06)

DtB Is Now On MySpace.com Donna the Buffalo has joined the online community MySpace.com. The band's page is at www.myspace.com/donnathebuffalo. It includes photos of the band, tour dates, MP3s, and more. (updated 1/19/06)

Just Added: Photos From
Atlanta, 1/13/06

Call it the gig that almost wasn't: On 1/13/06 (yes, Friday the 13th), while en route to a show that night in Atlanta, Donna the Buffalo got stuck in a traffic jam of epic proportions, thanks to a multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 90. The band got to the venue way behind schedule, but thanks to help with the load-in from some loyal Herd (you know who you are), they were able to get set up in time, and the show went off without a hitch. Bob Bunce shares a half dozen photos of DtB's 1/13/06 performance at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, and his photos of other shows on the recent Southeast run are soon to follow. Thanks, Bob! (posted 1/18/06)

New Photos:
Asheville, NC 1/14/06

Asheville, NC loves Donna the Buffalo, and the feeling is mutual. First-time DonnaFans.com contributor Zex is happy to share nine photos of DtB's 1/14/06 show at The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC, where the band has played four times since 2003. If you look carefully at Zex's photo (right) you can catch a glimpse of Jeb's Kent guitar, which he debuted sometime during the recent run of shows in the Southeast, probably in Raleigh, NC on 1/12. Thanks, Zex! (posted 1/16/06)

Video Of Broken Record From Atlanta When Jim Roe sees Donna the Buffalo play, he's usually capturing it on video. Check out his most recent work, a clip of the band performing the Tara song Broken Record on 1/13/06 at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta. Jim's got a nice collection of DtB videos on his site at www.jimroe.com/dtb_video.htm. (posted 1/16/06)

Zydeco Experiment:
The Early Days

Zydeco Experiment (ZE) is the name of Donna the Buffalo's zydeco alter ego. The band used that name (now they call it Buffalo Zydeco) when they performed zydeco-only sets with a rotating line of friends and guests. Recently, longtime DtB fan Robert "Gumby" Hillard posted some memories of the early days of ZE to the Herd email discussion list, which he's generously allowing me to archive on this site. Earlier, Rob also had shared an informal history of Donna the Buffalo. Thanks, Rob! (posted 1/15/06)

"I Don't Care If It Rains Or Freezes..." On Tuesday, 1/10/06, during their show at the Crossroads Cafe in West Huntsville, AL, Donna the Buffalo performed the song Plastic Jesus, which is perhaps best known from the 1967 soundtrack to the film Cool Hand Luke, with its immortal lyrics "I don't care if it rains or freezes/'Long as I got my plastic Jesus/Riding on the dashboard of my car." I'll post more details, and hopefully photos, as soon as they're available. (posted 1/11/06)

Old News Is Good News To make it easier to access the archives of this site's Donna the Buffalo News & Rumors, I've just added a News & Rumors index page. It's kind of cool to see what the breaking DtB news was six months or a year ago, isn't it? Well, maybe not, but at least now you can actually find this stuff. (posted 1/9/06)

DtB Begins Laying Down Tracks For Next CD
Donna the Buffalo recently arrived at Masterlink Studios in Nashville, TN to begin recording material for their next CD with engineer Rob Clark. An email from the Donna News mailing list said the band is "hoping to have another studio release to you in 2006!" Bob Bunce shares seven photos of the band entering the studio and preparing for the first recording session. Thanks, Bob! (posted 1/6/06)

Five Southern Shows Before Heading To CA
You can't really call it a Ville tour, but Donna the Buffalo will play gigs on five consecutive nights in a few states in the Southeast before heading out to the west coast. The fun starts in West Huntsville, AL on 1/10 and then moves to Birmingham, AL (1/11), up to Raleigh, NC (1/12), down to Atlanta, GA (1/13) and back up to Asheville, NC (1/14), all before driving cross country for a series of shows that starts in Seattle, WA on 1/25. Check the Tour dates page of the band's official site, DonnaTheBuffalo.com for more details. (posted 1/6/06)

New Photos: New Year's Day In Tampa
DonnaFans.com's first photos of the band in 2006 come from none other than Bob Bunce, who has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. He generously shares 12 photos of Donna the Buffalo's 1/1/06 show at Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa, a venue the band has played since at least 1996. As usual, Bob got some great shots, including one of Drug Money (with Tom and Bill) opening the show, Nedy Arevalo sitting in on percussion, and a backstage close-up of Jeb's pedal steel, which sadly didn't get put to use. The band is currently in Nashville for a recording session before starting a string of shows throughout the Southeast that starts in West Huntsville, AL on 1/10/06. (posted 1/4/06)

Just Added: Photos From DtB's
New Year's Eve Show

Bob Bunce spend at least part of his New Year's Eve thinking of you as he photographed Donna the Buffalo's annual gig at the Coliseum. Since Bob was kind enough to not only take these shots but to email them to me so soon after the show (Thanks, Bob!!), I figured the least I could do was to get them posted on DonnaFans.com as quickly as possible. Check out a dozen of his photos of the band playing on 12/31/05 in St. Petersburg, FL. And if you love these, check back in the next day or so--Bob also captured some great images of the band's New Year's Day performance at Skipper's in Tampa, which I'll add next. (posted 1/2/06)

"Surprise" Show On New Year's Day
In Tampa

The rumor that Donna the Buffalo was going to play an unannounced show at Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa on New Year's Day turned out to be true. The band went on at 8 p.m. and played a full three-hour set that featured plenty of treats, including Nedy Arevalo joining on percussion for six songs and an encore that had Jeb performing two songs by himself (You Made It Hurt and Don't Go Down) before being joined by the full band for Blue Shadows (by request, last played 1/13/03) and Let Love Move Me. I hope to have photos of both this show and the New Year's Eve gig on this site soon. (posted 1/2/06)

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