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2/1/07 Sun Music Hall, Floyd, VA

Way Back When, Living in Babylon, These Are Better Days, Tides of Time, Positive Friction, Ancient Arms, Ring of Fire, Family Picture, Living in the Promiseland, Conscious Evolution, Temporary Misery, Blue Sky, Every Day, Hey Trudy, Love and Gasoline, Each and Every Direction, Spinning World, Funkyside
Encore: Biggie K is a Superstar,* Hot Tamale Baby

*Jeb and Tara only

By Monty Coggins

The Sun Music Hall in Floyd is a warm, small venue. But on a cold night when many didn't make the trip due to weather, there was plenty of room. The hall itself is sandwiched between a coffee shop and a store. The floor is a great old dance floor, looks to be 1940s vintage. I'm sure someone from the area can say more about that. Anyway, it was simple. The sound was good to excellent, depending on where you stood. The folks who ran it were hospitable and enthusiastic about the music.

The band had the extra level of awareness that they get when playing a new venue. Jeb said that when he found out they were playing in Floyd, he didn't expect anything "quite so grandiose" but that he wouldn't make that mistake again. Later he talked a while about the similarities between Floyd and Trumansburg. The show settled in with Ancient Arms. Although there weren't a lot of recognizable faces in the crowd (Holly, Tom, Ailia, and Berkely were exceptions) the crowd knew this one and lifted the band with the chorus.

Things took off with Positive Friction. There were a lot of nods back and forth and some experimentation I haven't heard on this one before. I think the David Gans contribution at Magfest might have enhanced their perspective on this song. Conscious Evolution plowed some new ground as well. I don't remember which song, but somewhere during the night everyone stopped and left Tom playing. They all looked back to see where he was going. He lifted an eyebrow in that John Belushi look he has and carried the beat until the band jumped back in. It was an interesting moment. Kathy's keyboards were up high in the mix and it was great to hear her powerful contributions. She brings more to the table every night, it seems. I did find myself thinking a couple of times that a rhythm guitar would be a great addition. I go back and forth on that.

The band seemed relaxed and almost lusty. Hey Trudy and Hot Tamale lifted the roof a peg or two. The only disconnect was Biggie K for the first encore. It took a while for Jeb and Tara to decide what they wanted to play and they never seemed quited committed to the song.

I love these shows in small new places. It's great to see how the band responds and a gift to see those who've never seen the band enjoy them for the first time.

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