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3/26/06 - 4/1/06, Jamm In Jamaica,
Negril, Jamaica

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By Carol Knapp

Sun 3/26 & Mon 3/27, Negril Escape
Up on the cliffs means within easy diving distance of the water, with stairs leading down (when the waves were still) or spectacular blowhole-inducing when the ocean was in motion. Apparently the whole place was [re]built after the last hurricane for a reality TV show, complete with pillars over the stage and a lighthouse to dive from. So...fake reality; way cool. Just hard to dance all day on cobblestones in the sun.

Attendance was lukewarm. This Donna configuration was on a learning curve, at times hillarious as they get near the end of the song and try to send the drummer the cues and always just missing. It got so Jeb or Tara would intentionally play an off note somewhere after the end and kind of shrug. The sound system really sucked, with a constant buzz and mics cutting in and out. It's really a shame, as we had some Railroad Earth fan friends here who only heard Donna the first two days and blew them off after that. It was a completely unfair comparison, but RRE really was in top form those first two days (in fact, they were the best I've ever heard them).

Tuesday 3/28 was a day off for DtB.

Wed 3/29 through Fri 3/31, Mariner's Beach
Even suckier sound, but with occasional clarity. During In Another World, Tara: "Hey hey, This stage's got me down." Dancing on the sand. I'm afraid my intent machine was in full working order when I put it out that I would like to dance on wet sand rather than dry, which goes at least partway into explaining why everything ran so late on Wednesday :). Still, wet cool sand while dancing to Donna is a sublime experience.

Of special note on Wednesday...they played Looking For A Place To Be. It was transcendent. It's still going on in my head.

Friday 3/31, private party, Beachcomber
The ultimate perfect fantasy venue with kind spirits and stunning sound. You would probably rather not know that, huh? Just imagine the ultimate possible curcumstance under which you can imagine seeing a Donna show, then multiply by at least four. I meant it when I said I can die happy now. Jamie taped this, and I'll work on putting together a two-camera video.

I'll write another email about musings and highlights from other bands, but I've got to add a special mention of the Jeb rap at the Everyone Orchestra that closed the show... something like..."Red bull makes me nervous. I realize I wanted to be sexy but... Every cell in my body said don't do it."

Jeb said something at the last show about looking forward to returning to Jamaica. He'd also talked (at the private party?) of how Bob Marley was such an important influence for him.

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