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5/12/05 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT

Setlist (courtesy Donnabase.com)
Movin' On, If You Only Could, Way Back When, Tides of Time, Killing A Man, Love and Gasoline, Family Picture, Pancho & Lefty, 40 Days & 40 Nights, I Wish You Love, Blue Sky, Behind The Door Waltz, Hit the Groove, I Don't Need A Riddle, Tomorrow Still Knows, Life's a Ride, It's a New Day, Life So Short and Sweet, No Place Like The Right Time
Encore: Hey Trudy, You Take Your Last Step Away

*Setlist not confirmed

By David Grace

When we arrived we saw Tom outside, so we knew we were early. So we hung out there (Laura and I) and talked to the fisherman and hung by the bus. We found that there was reentry so we went in and got wristbands.

Soon the show started and I alternated between hanging with Jordy and dancing. I found this HUGE poster of the band (and managed to secure it) but I left it near Jordy and he got yelled at by the door guy (oops). Later I saw the same guy giving the poster to Tara.

It started out around 10:30 with the standard Movin' On (because hey, they ARE Movin' On now, ain't they?). As they broke into If You Only Could, Way Back When, and Tides we began to let loose the dance. They sorta had the Rhythm and Roots thing going with one area roped off and the other area in front of the stage and back was no alcohol. We danced some good dance all of us down in front there. Livin' on Love and gasoline ROCKED and kicked it back up a notch, as did Family Picture. Pancho & Lefty was for Wayne. A rocking 40/40 and I Wish You Love.

Made a visit to the green room and hung a bit with Kristy, then they played Hit the Groove for my birthday. The rest of the set actually was starry eyed and beautiful with Tara singing I Don't Need a Riddle and then and the title track off new CD, Life's a Ride into It's A New Day and Life So Short and Sweet. (And it was sweet right then and there, dancing with the Herd and smiling and being.)

The set ended with No Place and then the encore was Hey Trudy and we zydecoed (or zyde went ) and Last Step Away. I'm not sure if I thanked everyone, but we sure had a good time (and I had a great time). The Herd really took care of me on my birthday, and I got various gifts and music and beer and even a pink DtB shirt (which I wore during part of the show) and a beautiful Blue Heron box. Thanks again ever so much.

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