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April 2008

New Donna the Buffalo CD Due Out In July!
From the Funkyside News (www.funkyside.com) we've just learned that Donna the Buffalo's next CD--reportedly titled Silverlined--will be released on Sugar Hill Records and is expected to be available in early July.
(posted 4/29/08)

New Photos: Spring Shakori
DonnaFans.com's two most prolific contributors--Terry Killebrew and John Yust--were both at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival, which took place 4/17 - 4/20 in Silk Hope, NC, and each came home with the kind of high-quality photos you'd expect from them. Terry's 11 shots of DtB performing at Spring Shakori include several great shots of former DtB keyboardist Joe Thrift sitting in with the band on scrubboard, and one of the "Red Hot Bubbas": Jeb and Tara, both on fiddle, playing with the Red Hots: Kelly Breiding, Tom Riccio, Joe Thrift, and Nick McMillian. John's 12 images from Spring Shakori include photos of both of these configurations, as well as shots of Jeb playing with John Specker, Preston Frank and his Family Zydeco Band, and more. Thanks so much, guys, for the photos--and the captions! (posted 4/28/08)

First Report From Shakori Hills GrassRoots
On Thursday, 4/17/08, the Shakori Hill GrassRoots Festival--commonly known as "Spring Shakori" to distinguish it from the corresponding festival that takes place on the same site each October--began in Silk Hope, NC. Paul Roberge attended this opening day and lives nearby, so late that night he was able to access the internet to share his review of Donna the Buffalo's set on 4/17/08 in Silk Hope, NC. "It seemed to me that there were more people for the Thursday opener than in the past," Paul wrote. "Still, this evening's gathering had the intimacy of past Thursday Shakori openers, and for this, I am grateful." The set included Big Parade, River of Gold, and former DtB keyboardist Joe Thrift sitting in on rubboard during Hot Tamale Baby. Thanks for the info, Paul!
(posted 4/19/08)

So You'll Never Need To Ask, "Which One's Donna?"
I've updated my unofficial band bios page by including keyboardist David McCracken and bassist Jay Sanders as full-time members, and moving Kathy Ziegler and Bill Reynolds as former members. I've also posted a new photo of each musician. Be sure to read the official band bios on the band's official site, www.DonnaTheBuffalo.com. (posted 4/14/08)

More Photos From Springfest
Suwannee Springest may be already in the record books, but coverage of this great festival continues to emerge. DonnaFans.com contributor Jane Mauldin, who's previously shared with us her photos of Donna the Buffalo performing in Birmingham, AL and Somerset, KY has sent me four photos of DtB playing at Suwannee Springfest in Live Oak, FL. Jane's photos include a shot of longtime DtB musical collaborator and country music legend Jim Lauderdale sharing the stage with DtB. "We had a great time down by the Suwannee and the band sounded great!" Jane said. "Lots of dancing was going on!" Thanks, Jane!
(posted 4/13/08)

New Video Of DtB Doing Aiko Aiko
On Sunday, 3/30/08, as part of the traditional all-star jam at Suwannee Springfest in Live Oak, FL, Donna the Buffalo covered the song Aiko Aiko with special guests Peter Rowan, David Gans, Loren Rowan and Randy Judy. Jim Roe shot a video of this performance and posted it on his web site at www.jimroe.com/dtb_video.html. If you've never been to Jim's site, he's got a dozen videos of DtB, some from as far back as 2004. Thanks, Jim!
(posted 4/13/08)

Just Added: Two Dozen Photos From Springfest
Robert Chrismer attended the Suwannee Springfest and photographed all of Donna the Buffalo's performances at this fest. He has kindly shared with DonnaFans.com 24 fantastic photos of DtB playing on 3/28/08 through 3/30/08 at Live Oak, FL. Robert's shots include several of "new" keyboardist David McCracken, and a bunch from Sunday's all-star jam, which included Peter Rowan, Loren Rowan, David Gans, and festival owner Randy Judy on scrubboard. That Sunday set featured a pair of DtB gems--Big Parade and River of Gold--as well as a string of interesting songs with the special guests: The Cuckoo, When We Live With Love, Aiko Aiko, and Pulling the Devil By the Tail, then concluded with a spectacular Let Love Move Me encore. Thanks for the photos, Robert!
(posted 4/5/08)

How Was Springfest?

A Fan's Open Letter To Donna The Buffalo

Dear Donna,

I have a confession to make. This past year or so, my eye has started to wander. Things between us just haven't seemed right, and I couldn't even put my finger on it. I longed for those days back in the late '90s, when all seemed fresh and new to me and my love for you was so strong.

It's true; over the past year I have stepped out a few times with those screaming brothers from North Carolina, and I have started to think, and maybe speak aloud a few times, that you were no longer #1 on my list.

Well, as I sit here on Monday evening, blowing dirt out of my nose, unloading coolers and doing laundry, I've got that usual post-festival happysmile going, but there's something more this time. It may be the nostalgia speaking but you have never sounded better to these ears. Saturday night by the banks of the Suwannee River, my love for you was reborn at the rail. It's not just that B3 grinding through that Leslie, or the happy smiles all around the stage; there's a strange and wonderful new vibe that I can't say I've seen in you before. I cringe as I type this, but the only word I can think of to put to it is "professionalism." Playing multiple songs back to back without stopping to discuss what to do next, flashing beautiful and appreciative smiles to the incredibly hardworking monitor tech as he levels up the vox in your monitor, starting [almost] on time for every set... I say this lovingly, but these are simply things you haven't been known for.

For the first time in years, I didn't go to the bathroom when the first bars of Family Picture sang out from the stage. And you know what: that was an awesome Family Picture! It doesn't get any more beautiful for me than that Rockin' Horse, and from Big Parade all the way to Let Love Move Me (I had tears in my eyes, which is why I can't refer to it as the usual "Yellow Moon), Sunday's set was just as good.

So thank you, Donna, for not just some great highlights of another great weekend of friends and fun and Veggie Things(!!), but for the downright Spiritual experiences that have reminded me of why my love for you will always be #1.

Jessica, the headlamp girl
(posted 4/1/08)

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