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October 2006

More MagFest Madness!
Months from now, folks are going to look back at this year's MagnoliaFest as one of the most photographed festivals ever. Some of the best you're going to see will come from John Yust. John did an excellent job shooting Donna the Buffalo's performances on 10/21/06 and 10/22/06 at MagFest in Live Oak, FL, taking special care to capture all of the special guests with whom DtB shared the stage, including Jim Lauderdale, David Gans, the Overtakers, Peter Rowan, and the Duhks. If you spot anyone in John's photos who I've failed to identify, let me know: fans@donnafans.com. And John, thanks as always for all of your efforts!
(posted 10/31/06)

First Photos: 10/21/06
MagnoliaFest, Live Oak, FL

Every October since 1997, Donna the Buffalo has traveled to Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL to perform at the beloved MagnoliaFest. This year, DtB played three sets at MagFest: one Saturday afternoon, one early Saturday night, and the closing set on Sunday night. At various points, the band shared the stage with Jim Lauderdale, David Gans, Peter Rowan, the Overtakers, and others. Linda Phifer was kind enough to let me post a dozen of her photos of DtB playing at MagFest on 10/21/06. "It was a blast!" she wrote. Thanks, Linda!
(posted 10/24/06)

Better Photos From Teaneck, NJ 10/13/06
With all the countless photos of Donna the Buffalo shows I've taken over the years, you'd think that I'd at least manage to do a decent job when the band came to my home state. Sadly, that wasn't the case, as evidenced by my photos of DtB in Teaneck, NJ on 10/13/06. Fortunately, DonnaFans.com contributor Bill Nichols did a much better job. Unlike me, Bill, who earlier this year shared with us his photos of the band in Jamaica back in March and Ernie's birthday party in Warwick, RI in September, managed to both have an excellent time AND bring home some decent photos. His 12 shots of Donna the Buffalo in Teaneck, NJ on 10/13/06 will give you a clearer view of what went on that night. Thanks, Bill! (posted 10/17/06)

Cool Video Of DtB From NYC On 4/8/06
Go to YouTube.com and check out this two-and-a-half minute video of Donna the Buffalo playing a spirited version of Broken Record at the Avalon in New York on 4/8/06. What's particularly interesting about this clip is that it features David McCracken on keys, one of the handful of shows he played with DtB while Kathy Z was on maternity leave. There are a handful of other videos of DtB on YouTube, including one a visitor proclaims is "the best video of girls hoola-hooping to Donna the Buffalo I've ever seen in my life!" (posted 10/17/06)

More Photos From Shakori Hills
A little rain wasn't going to dampen the spirits of any festival headlined by Donna the Buffalo; in fact, at this point, the wet stuff is pretty much to be expected. Kelly Farkas, who back in July contributed some excellent photos of DtB playing at the Festival for the Eno in Durham, NC, was among the faithful Herd who bared the elements to see the band's recent stint at Fall Shakori. Today she shares six shots of Donna the Buffalo performing 10/7/06 and 10/8/06 at the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival in Silk Hope, NC. These are a perfect addition to Terry Killebrew's 12 photos from the opening night of this same festival. Thanks for the photos, Kelly! (posted 10/15/06)

Just Added: Review Of Teaneck, NJ 10/13/06
You've seen the pictures, now read all about it. In the spirit of beautiful Bergen County, NJ, I present my humble review of Donna the Buffalo's gig on 10/13/06 at Mexicali Blues Cafe in Teaneck, NJ. Granted, since the band was playing my hometown venue in my home state, you might expect I was going to claim that they played great. But don't take my word for it, ask someone else who was there: In their NJ debut, DtB gave the Joisey Herd one of those shows you're still talking about for months to come. (posted 10/15/06)

New Photos:
Teaneck, NJ 10/13/06

To say I was a little excited about Donna the Buffalo's show last night, Friday 10/13, in Teaneck, NJ would be the understatement of the century. Not only was the band playing in my home state for the first time ever, but they were playing in Teaneck, where I grew up, at a venue where I've seen countless other shows. Surrounded by the local NJ contingent of the Herd as well as those who were doing this weekend's entire LI-NJ-MA run, I got to see the band lay down a solid 2.5 hour set, the highlights of which included a rollcoaster ride of emotions during Seems to Want to Hurt This Time; America, which was played by request for Tara's sister-in-law; a boogie-down Hot Tamale Baby, and a monumental Mystic Water encore that Jeb started by himself, then was joined by Tara, then by Bill and Kathy, and finally by Tom. Hope you enjoy these 10 photos of DtB performing on 10/13 in Teaneck, NJ. I'll add a review of this show soon. Anyone else got photos of any of this weekend's shows? send em to me: fans@donnafans.com. (posted 10/14/06)

Just Added: Photos From Shakori 10/5/06
DonnaFans.com contributor Terry Killebrew didn't let his first foray into recording Donna the Buffalo distract him from his other mission: To photograph the band in action. His 12 photos of DtB playing on Thursday, 10/5/06, at Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival in Silk Hope, NC show the band apparently very happy to be back on the road again for their first show in almost a month. Terry grabbed a few shots of Ward Puryear joining in on scrubboard for Yeah You Right and the set-closing Hot Tamale Baby, plus two of Jeb on fiddle and Tara on scrubboard sitting in with Preston Frank's band on Friday, 10/6/06. Terry said his recording of this set came out good, and hopes to have it on the Live Music Archive soon. Thanks, Terry! (posted 10/10/06)

Jim Miller Sits In With Jim Lauderdale In Brooklyn
Word has it that on Friday, 10/6/06, former Donna the Buffalo guitarist Jim Miller joined Jim Lauderdale for the last few songs of Lauderdale's gig at Southpaw in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY. According to Rob Ryan, Miller sat in with a borrowed guitar on I Donít Miss You, Donít You Want to Stay, Hole in My Head and the encore, Halfway Down. Thanks for the info, Rob! (posted 10/9/06)

First Report From Shakori Hills
Last night, Thursday, 10/5, Donna the Buffalo performed the first of its four sets at the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival in Silk Hope, NC. The band came on around 9:30 p.m. and laid down a solid performance that was heavy on the hits. Ward Puryear joined them on scrubboard for Yeah You Right and a Hot Tamale Baby that ended the set. Then Jeb, Tara, and Kathy came back out and did Mystic Water for the encore. "Very strong set on a gorgeous fall evening, with full moon," Paul Roberge wrote on the Herd email list. "It doesn't get any better than this, my friends." Thanks for the update, Paul. I hope to be able to post photos from this fest as soon as possible. (posted 10/6/06)

Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival Starts Today!
The annual Fall edition of the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival in Silk Hope, NC kicks off today, Thursday 10/5, and runs through Sunday. Donna the Buffalo will perform four times at this festival: tonight on the Meadow Stage at 9:00 p.m., Saturday on the Meadow Stage at 8:30 p.m., Sunday, in the Dance Tent at 4:00 p.m., and Sunday night on the Meadow Stage at 8:00 p.m. Other artists scheduled to appear include Sam Bush, Preston Frank, Keith Frank, the Duhks, Jennie Stearns, Sim Redmond, John Specker, and many others. Tickets will be available at the gate. (posted 10/5/06)

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