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September 2006

DtB To Start Hittin' The Groove Again In October
After a month of very few shows, Donna the Buffalo will head out on the road again in October for a series of dates. It all starts in Silk Hope, NC with the venerable Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival from 10/5 to 10/8, where you have my personal guarantee that it won't rain...much. Just a few days later, the band will grace the New York City-area Herd with shows on 10/12 at Mulcahy's in Wantagh, NY, which is on Long Island, and on 10/13 at Mexicali's in Teaneck, NJ. (If you want to know why the Teaneck gig is going to be special, just email me.) DtB wraps up that weekend with a Saturday night performance at Pearl Street in Northampton, MA. After less than a week off, the band heads south for a show in Charleston, SC on 10/20 and continues down to Live Oak, FL for a two-day stint at MagnoliaFest on 10/21 and 10/22. As usual, be sure to check the Tour dates page of the band's official site, www.donnathebuffalo.com, for the latest information. (posted 9/28/06)

Severe Weather Forces Cancellation, Evacuations
At Terrapin Hills Fest

Last weekend, Donna the Buffalo was scheduled to perform at the Terrapin Hill Harvest Festival in Harrodsburg, KY, but Mother Nature had other plans. Severe storms and flooding that left the exit road unpassable led to the remainder of the fest being cancelled on Saturday morning and attendees being evacuated by boat. Fortunately, no one was injured. Though DtB didn't a singe note of their sets, which were scheduled for Friday 9/23 and Saturday 9/24, the band, their bus, and their equipment escaped unharmed. John Yust provides us with a photo of what's become an all-too-familiar flooded festival scene. Hey, after all this, it's just GOT to be dry at Shakori, right? (posted 9/25/06)

Just Added: More Photos From 9/10/06 Warwick, RI
Bill Nichols was among those who made the trip to RI in mid-September to attend the private birthday party Donna the Buffalo played that was opened up to the Herd (see below). Bill shares 10 photos of DtB performing on 9/10/06 at the Seaview Country Club, Warwick, RI. His shots include a series of Jeb Puryear on keys. Bill explains: "Jeb took a break during an extended Part-Time Lover. When he came back, he showed up next to Kathy, on the organ playing with his index fingers. Bill, Kathy and Jeb were having a hoot when Kathy sung, 'You make me feel like a man inside,' which she did a few times with some commentary from Bill. It was probably the most I heard out of Bill ever!" Thanks for the photos, Bill, and I'll see you at Mexicali's next month! (posted 9/21/06)

First Photos: Private Party, 9/10/06 Warwick, RI
Imagine hiring Donna the Buffalo to play your Dad's 60th birthday party--and then opening up the show to the Herd. That's exactly what Susan Denice did last Sunday, and she kindly shares 12 photos of DtB's performance on 9/10/06 at the Seaview Country Club, Warwick, RI. "I just wanted to thank everyone who came to the show--it was a very special occasion for us all!" Susan said. "My Dad, Ernie, was extremely surprised and overwhelmed by the whole experience and it would never have been possible without [the Herd]. The band was on FIRE that night, jamming for 3+ hours, performing a 20-minute rendition of Part-Time Lover for my Dad and playing some old tunes from the vault." She added that the family is thinking of making it an annual event, and even possibly an overnight camping, festival-style show. Thanks, Susan! (posted 9/16/06)

Third Time's The Charm: Photos From Grand Rapids, MI
Sometimes a Donna the Buffalo show is so good that people are still talking about it (and sending me photos of it) for months after. Such is the case with the band's mid-July show at Meijer Gardens Amphitheater in Grand Rapids, MI. First-time DonnaFans.com contributor Jeff Kerr shares with us 16 photos of DtB's 7/13/06 peformance in Grand Rapids, MI. They include a series of great shots of Tara, one that shows off the flowers directly in front of the stage, and one of the man who's supplied us with more DtB live recordings than anyone else on the planet. Thanks for the photos, Jeff! Also check out the previously posted images of this show from Michael Bazuin and Jeff Frank.
(posted 9/11/06)

Brief Report From Yesterday's Private Show In RI
Intrepid DonnaFan Liz O'Brien was one of the lucky ones who attended Donna the Buffalo's performance on 9/10 at a birthday party in Warwick, RI. After the Rank Strangers Bluegrass Band opened the show, Donna came out around 8 p.m. and played three solid hours. Among the songs played were In This Life, This Goes, Tides of Time, World in Motion, Living in Babylon, Rocking Horse, Mystic Water. a zydeco medley that ended with Part-time Lover, and Positive Friction, which was played by request for the birthday boy, Ernie. For the encore, Jeb and Tara came out for a newer Jeb song and Wish You Love. Liz said apparently there was also another private gig somewhere on Saturday. Thanks for the info, Liz. If anyone's got photos or more details from either night, send 'em my way: fans@donnafans.com. (posted 9/11/06)

Tickets Available For A Private Show In RI On 9/10
Donna the Buffalo is going to play a private celebration at the Seaview Country Club in Warwick, RI on Sunday, 9/10. The show isn't listed on the band's Tour Schedule, but according to a post on the message board at DonnaTheBuffalo.com, tickets for this event will be available at the door. The cost is $50 and includes food. There will be an opening band at 4 p.m. and Donna is scheduled to perform at 6 p.m. Contact pierbeachrental@hotmail.com for more information. (posted 9/9/06)

New Photos: Festival Essex, 8/27/06 Charlotte, NC
The Festival Essex was a one-day event headlined by the wildly popular Avett Brothers that also featured Donna the Buffalo and several other bands. The concert took place at the at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Charlotte, NC. Ever-dedicated DonnaFans.com contributor Terry Killebrew managed to take 13 photos of DtB's short-but-sweet set on 8/27/06 in Charlotte, NC. During the band's 75-minute performance, former DtB keyboardist Joe Thrift joined in on scrubboard for three nonconsecutive songs: Tides of Times, I Don't Need A Riddle, and Conscious Evolution. "I wasn't there early enough to get a wristband, so I took most of these pics from back at the mic stands," Terry said. "I did talk Security into letting me take two pics from the secured area...well, I took three. It sure was good to get another Donna fix before Shakori Hills!" Thanks as always, Terry, for your tireless and generous contributions. (posted 9/5/06)

Wild Times At The Windjammer
Some venues just seem to bring out the best in Donna the Buffalo. The Windjammer in Isle of Palms, SC seems to be one of them. Last year the band played there for the first time ever in a two-night engagement that the Herd talked about for months afterwards. The band wisely chose to return this year for another two-night stint. This one was marked by the reappearance of several songs the band hadn't played in a while, including The Waltz (last played 5/29/05) and When Love Comes Around (last played 6/10/05, at this same venue) on Monday and Behind the Door Waltz (last played 5/12/05) on Tuesday. John Yust has kindly allowed me to host 23 photos of DtB playing in Isle of Palms, SC on 8/21/06 and 8/22/06, including shots of Kathy Z on drums and Tom on keys (really!), plus a family picture of the Herd. Thanks, John! (posted 9/2/06)

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