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June 2006

Check Out Video of Bela Fleck Sitting In With DtB
When Bela Fleck joined Donna the Buffalo onstage at the Wakarusa Festival in Lawrence, KS on Sunday, 6/11, one of the four songs he sat in on was the jammed-out fan favorite Conscious Evolution. Ziggy, who provided DonnaFans.com with photos of both of DtB's sets at Wakarusa, has posted a 1:30-minute video clip of that version of CE at its peak over on youtube.com at www.youtube.com/watch?v=pc7VznpV7go. He's also posted clips of several DtB tunes there, including Jeb doing a solo rendition of Hit the Groove at the Freebird Cafe in Jacksonville Beach, FL on 4/26/06, as well as some recent clips of Widespread Panic. Thanks, Ziggy! (posted 6/29/06)

DtB To Play Free Show In Rochester On 6/30
Before Heading To NC (Again)

Donna the Buffalo will finish June by playing a free early show tomorrow, Friday 6/30, at 6:30 p.m. at the Public Market in Rochester, NY; Cow Greenspun will open. The next day, the band will travel down to North Carolina (for the fourth time this year) for shows on 7/2 at the Eno Festival in Durham City Park and 7/3 in Beaufort. For the full scedule, see www.donnathebuffalo.com/showz.cfm. (posted 6/29/06)

Beautiful B&W From
Albany, NY 4/6/06

You can shoot photos for a thousand years and still never develop the instinct that Brendon Layton has. Black and white photography is his personal favorite, and after looking at two dozen of Brendon's B&W photos of DtB playing at Albany, NY on 4/6/06, I'm sure you'll understand why: Stripped of the color, the images tell the story of the performance straight from the hearts and souls of the performers. Compare them to Brendon color's photos from the same show, and you'll see what I mean. His portraits are among the very best of the thousands of photos on this site. Thanks so much, Brendon, for allowing me to host your work. (posted 6/26/06)

More Photos From
Wakarusa Festival 6/11/06

One of the Herd who made the trek to see Donna the Buffalo at the Wakarusa Festival in Lawrence, KS was Ziggy, who was there for both of the band's performances on Sunday, 6/11. He reports that the band's 1 p.m. set on the outdoor stage was literally a hot one, played directly in the midday Sun, with about 300 people in attendance, while the 7 p.m. set in the revival tent was much better thanks to cooler conditions and a guest appearance by Bela Fleck, with an estimated 500 people on hand. Ziggy share with us 10 photos of DtB playing at Wakarusa in Lawrence, KS on 6/11/06: eight of the afternoon set and a pair of the band with Bela. Thanks, Ziggy! (posted 6/19/06)

First Photos: DtB With Bela Fleck, Wakarusa 6/11/06
Fans who attended the Wakarusa Festival in Lawrence, KS last weekend recieved a nice dose of Donna the Buffalo: On Sunday, 6/11, the band played two sets, one on the outside stage in the middle of the afternoon, and a second set in the revival tent later in the day. To make the day even better, legenday banjo played Bela Fleck sat in with DtB for the set in the tent, playing on four songs. Copies of this show are already in circulation, including on the Live Music Archive. Randy Cooper was on hand and shares his photos of both DtB sets at Wakarusa in Lawrence, KS on 6/11/06, including several of Bela onstage with DtB. Thanks for the photos, Coop! I'm also working on getting permission to share other people's photos of this unique gig, and hope to be able to post them soon. (posted 6/17/06)

Bela Fleck Sits In With DtB At Kansas Festival
On Sunday, 6/11/06, at the Wakarusa Festival in Lawrence, KS, legendary banjo player Bela Fleck joined Donna the Buffalo for part of the band's second set of the day. Bela played with DtB on four songs: Conscious Evolution, Locket & Key, Positive Friction, and Current Theme. Word has it that Bela seemed to know the music fairly well, and acted like he didn't want to leave the stage. I hope to be able to post photos of this performance soon. (posted 6/14/06)

New Photos: Private Show, 5/25/06
Asheville, NC

After a handful of shows in North Carolina in mid May, Donna the Buffalo went to Echo Mountain Recording, a brand new, state-of-the-art recording studio in Asheville, NC, to lay down tracks for their next CD. The band capped off its sessions there with an by-invitation-only show in the studio, during which they played a mix of old favorites and "new" tunes likely to be on the CD, including Garden of Eden, Locket & Key, and If You Were To Love Me. Thanks to a friend of a friend, DonnaFans.com is pleased to be able to share 10 excellent photos of the band playing on 5/25/06 at Echo Mountain Recording in Asheville, NC courtesy of Jon Leidel Photography. Thanks! (posted 6/13/06)

Just Added: Photos From 6/8/06 Akron, OH
Last Thursday wasn't the first time Donna the Buffalo ever performed in Akron, OH, but it'd been a while: The band's last gig in this city was in 1997, at the very same venue, the Daily Double. Chris Miller provides us with 10 great photos of the band playing on 6/8/06 in Akron, OH, including two artistic shots like this one (left), and a few with fans in the frame, some of whom were undoubtedly there when DtB last visited nine years ago. Highlights of the show include Biggie K is a Superstar, which was played by request, a new Jeb song called If You Were To Love Me, and a new Tara song called Locket and Key. Chris said, "When I woke up the next morning my first thought about the show was 'beautiful.'" Thanks for the photos, Chris! (posted 6/10/06)

New DtB Site Offers Music Downloads, More
Chris Cantwell has launched Donnafied.net, a cool new site from which you can download in lossless audio formats (.flac, .ape, and .shn) live shows from Donna the Buffalo and other taper-friendly bands. Chris has graciously allowed me to share the login info: host ftp://donnafied.net, username donna, password lifesaride. Donnafied.net also offers a message board, articles, Chris' blog, links, and more. You can also upload shows; be sure to check the site's guidelines first. Thank you VERY much, Chris, for providing this valuable resource for the DtB community. (posted 6/7/06)

GrassRoots Schedule Is Released!
The performance schedule for the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance, which will take place in Donna the Buffalo's hometown, Trumansburg, NY on 7/20 - 7/23, is now available at www.grassrootsfest.org/trumansburg/
DtB will play on all four days, including Thursday night, Friday afternoon with Jim Lauderdale, Friday late night as Buffalo Zydeco, Saturday night, and Sunday night with a long list of friends. The festival will feature more than 60 bands from an amazing variety of genres playing on four stages, a parade, art gallery, and much, much more. To really understand Donna the Buffalo and the community from which they come, you have to attend T-burg GrassRoots, which supports arts, education, and the fight against AIDS. More info: www.grassrootsfest.org. (posted 6/6/06)

DtB To Play Only A Handful Of Shows This Month
If you want to see Donna the Buffalo in June, you'd better act fast: The band will play only five dates, and four of them take place within the next few days. The band starts a four-day Midwest run on Thursday, 6/8, in Akron, OH. After that, it's St. Louis, MO on Friday, 6/9, and Columbia, MO on Saturday, 6/10. The band will cap off the trip on Sunday, 6/11 with two sets at the legendary Wakarusa Festival in Lawrence, KS: The first at 1:15 p.m. and the next at 6:55 p.m. The only other June show will take place on Friday, 6/30 in Rochester, NY. For more DtB dates, check the Tour Schedule page of the band's official site, www.donnathebuffalo.com. (posted 6/5/06)

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