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February 2006

Special Deal On Tix For DtB's Show In Albany On 4/6
On Thursday, 4/6, Donna the Buffalo will perform at the Washington Ave Armory in Albany, NY as part of the Peer Impact Tech Valley Concert Series. Tickets will run you $19 if you order them from Ticketmaster ($16 + $3 fees) or $20 from The Armory on the day of show, but if you go to Tech Valley's VIP Club web page at www.techvalleyconcerts.com/
you can get them for $15 with no fees. Tickets ordered through this promotion will be held at Will Call. If you want to save a few bucks, don't wait--this deal was supposed to be good only through 2/28. Rumor has it that on this night the Armory will be configured with an open dance floor directly in front of the stage (no folding chairs as shown in the venue's concert seating chart) with fixed seats on the sides. Thanks to mrupstate for the info! (posted 2/27/06)

New Photos: Seattle 1/25/06
Donna the Buffalo started their recent tour of the western states on 1/25/06 at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA. This was new DonnaFans.com contributor Robert Tracker's first-ever Donna show, and he snapped a few shots of DtB onstage in Seattle on 1/25/06. "Dancing on the rail, singing at full lung, smiling at the band and enjoying life on the funkyside was my priority and it was a deeply satisfying experience on all levels," Robert writes on the site of his Internet radio station, Radio Memeworks. "We look forward to their return to the NW!" Thanks for the photos, Robert, and keep up the excellent work on Radio Memeworks! (posted 2/25/06)

More Shows Announced For Spring/Summer
Donna the Buffalo's tour schedule for this Spring is starting to take shape, and several summer shows have also been announced. After a stint at MagFest in FL and a week in Jamaica at the end of March, the band will play Albany, NY on 4/6, Rochester, NY on 4/7, Southern Pines, NC on 4/19, and the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival in Silk Hope, NC on 4/20 - 4/23. Shakori is only the first of at least five fests DtB will play in NC in 2006--they'll also be at the Leaf Fest Black Mountain on 5/14, the Eno Fest in Durham City Park on 7/2, a Yacht Racing fest in Beaufort on 7/3, and of course back to Silk Hope for Fall Shakori on 10/5 - 10/8. As always, the best source for info on upcoming shows is the official Tour Dates page on DonnaTheBuffalo.com. Tour info is also now available as an RSS feed. (posted 2/23/06)

More Photos From Raleigh 1/12/06
Most of the images on DonnaFans.com are the work of fans who briefly take on the role of photographer, but a select few come from legitimate photographers who are also fans. While Bob Bunce is as big a fan of Donna the Buffalo as any of us, clearly his photos are taken from an artist's perspective. Bob's nine shots of the band performing at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, NC are a perfect example: By taking advantage of things like how his camera captures the motion of the band and the stage lighting, Bob gives us images with a sense of drama and action that photos taken by ordinary fans like me just don't have. Thanks a million, Bob! Bob's photos of this show complement Terry Killebrew's 11 shots from this same show that I posted back in January. (posted 2/20/06)

Ziggy's Colorado Photos, Part II
Donna the Buffalo has a loyal and enthusiastic following throughout the state of Colorado, and they all turned out for the band's three recent shows there. Ziggy's already shared with DonnaFans.com his photos of DtB at Vail on 2/2/06. Now I'm happy to post 18 of his images from the band's gig on 2/3/06 at the Bluebird Theater in Denver, which include a nice sequence of Tara on scrub and two nice group photos of the Herd shot by Daniel Sanda, and a dozen shots from 2/4/06 at the Boulder Theater in Boulder. Thank you very much, Ziggy, for allowing me to host your photos! (posted 2/12/06)

Next DtB Shows: Late March
Donna the Buffalo is currently taking a well-earned break. The band's next performances will be at MagnoliaFest in Live Oak, FL on 3/23, 3/24, and 3/25, following immediately by the Jamm In Jamaica in Negril, Jamaica from 3/26 to 4/1. (posted 2/12/06)

Artist Sketches DtB During
Boulder Show On 2/4/06

When Sarah LeVine joined her aunt and uncle for Donna the Buffalo's show at the Boulder Theatre in Boulder, CO on 2/4/06, she decided to bring her sketchbook. Sarah drew sketches of each band member as they played, and generated quite a positive reaction from the Herd in the process. "People came up and took pictures of me drawing, pictures of me holding the sketches against my face, pens surfaced and people wrote enthusiastic notes on my pages," she wrote. As a result of her talents, Sarah got to meet the band and show them her work. Read Sarah's story about that night on her blog, and check out her sketches of DtB from 2/4/06 in Boulder, which she's most kindly allowing me to host on DonnaFans.com. Nice work, Sarah! (posted 2/9/06)

New Photos: Portland 1/26/06
One of the nicest things about Donna the Buffalo's recent tour of a few Western states is that some of the band's most loyal fans didn't have to travel quite as far as they usually do to join in on the fun. Case in point is Kathy Roth, who was at all shows from Portland, OR to Park City, UT. Kathy's five photos of Donna the Buffalo at the Aladdin Theatre in Portland, OR on 1/26/06 are her first contribution to DonnaFans.com. She described the fans at the Aladdin as "a nice hippie Deadhead crowd, some ex-Ithacans and Bay Areans, and all the northwest natural people were just beautiful and loose and really let go and loved them." Thanks, Kathy! (posted 2/8/06)

Check Out Video Of New Song From Denver
On their awesome DtB site HaveYouHerd.com, Rand and Carol just posted videos of Donna the Buffalo performing three songs from the Bluebird Theater in Denver, CO on 2/3/06, including a new tune, tentatively titled If You Were to Love Me, that the band debuted the night before in Vail.

Ziggy's Colorado Photos, Part I
Colorado's best-known Donna the Buffalo fan, Ziggy, was at all three of the band's recent shows in his homestate, and has generously shared his photos with DonnaFans.com. The first dozen I've posted are from DtB's gig at Sandbar in Vail, CO on 2/2/06. Ziggy got several nice shots of Jeb, including one of him busting out his recently acquired Kent guitar. The Herd said that even without Kathy Z, the band sounded fantastic. Thanks for allowing me to host your photos, Ziggy, and I'll add the rest of them as soon as I can. (posted 2/7/06)

Donna the Buffalo Invades Colorado
Donna the Buffalo is wrapping up a run of three shows in Colorado that included stops in Vail on 2/2, Denver on 2/3, and Boulder on 2/4. Big thanks to Bob Bunce for providing a pair of photos of the band performing in Vail on 2/2 (look carefully and you'll spot the "Hippies Use Side Door" sign). After 2/4, Donna the Buffalo's next shows will be at MagnoliaFest in Live Oak, FL on 3/23, 3/24, and 3/25. (posted 2/4/06)

New Photos: 1/31/06, Park City, UT
Prior to last Tuesday, Donna the Buffalo had played in the beautiful state of Utah only three times before, but they still have a following there, as evidenced by the response they received in Park City, UT on 1/31. Going at it without keyboardist Kathy Ziegler, the band broke out some less-frequently heard songs, including Lifetime of a Fool (last performed 10/9/05 in Silk Hope, NC) and treated the faithful to a double encore. First Jeb and Tara did There Must Be, and then Tom and Bill joined them for Mr. King, presumably in tribute to Coretta Scott King. The band left the stage, but the audience clamored for more, so Jeb came back out and started into Everything Seems To Want To Hurt This Time, with Tara joining him after the first verse. After enjoying the area's world-class snowboarding, Bob Bunce took seven photos of DtB's performance at Suede in Park City, UT on 1/31/06. Thanks Bob! (posted 2/2/06)

New Info About the Jamm in Jamaica
In response to popular demand, the organizers of Jamm in Jamaica, where Donna the Buffalo will be from 3/26 to 4/1, have decided to offer a slightly discounted "single band only" laminate that entitles festivalgoers to attend all performances by the one band of their choice. A full-festival laminate that will allow you to attend all of shows by all of the bands is still available. For more details about this event, visit JammInJamaica.com. (posted 2/2/06)

Just Added: Photos From 1/29/06, Quincy, CA
In preparation for the 1/29/06 show at the Town Hall Theatre Quincy, CA, for which Kathy Ziegler would not be present, Donna the Buffalo did an extended soundcheck. They took about a half hour to run through 40 Days & 40 Nights, Rock of Ages, and Me and Depression. Bob Bunce took a few photos of DtB's soundcheck on 1/29/06 in Quincy, CA. "Jeb used Kathy Z's Leslie speaker as an experiment, channeling his guitar signal through it on some songs," Bob recalls. "It sounded great during the check." Thanks for the info and photos, Bob--almost makes it seem like we were there with you. (posted 2/1/06)

New Photos: 1/28/06, Crystal Bay, NV
Question: What's missing from Bob Bunce's 12 photos of Donna the Buffalo playing on 1/28/06 at the Crystal Bay Club in Crystal Bay, NV? Answer: Kathy Ziegler, who is pregnant. On the current tour, Kathy was with the band from Seattle through San Francisco, but did not play on this night, as well as the next night's gig in Quincy, CA. Those in attendence said the rest of the band turned it up a notch and played two outstanding shows despite her absence. Rumor has it that KZ will rejoin the band in Denver. (posted 1/30/06)

Latest News From The Western Tour
Donna the Buffalo has completed the first leg of their tour of the western states and is presently traveling toward Utah. The band was well-received at shows in Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; Crystal Bay, NV; and Quincy, CA (setlists for some of these shows are at Donnabase.com.) Jeb and Tara have been playing some tunes as a duet for certain encores, including Wheels Keep Turning in Crystal Bay and Living in Babylon in Quincy, which was a theater show with most of the audience seated. Jeb has not yet brought back out the Kent guitar he used on select songs at few shows earlier in January. (posted 1/30/06)

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