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3/26/06 - 4/1/06, Jamm In Jamaica,
Negril, Jamaica

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By Anonymous

About the Overtakers: Someone was actually yelling out "You suck" on the last night when the Overtakers joined DtB onstage. I had to walk away from the area as did several in our group, I thought it was pretty darn rude, no matter what your opinion, and definitely not fulfilling the good vibes we all try to enjoy and share at Donna shows.

The Overtakers don't "suck", they are as enjoyable as any other native band, and a few of the jams they got going with Donna were fantastic, it just got a little old, especially their daughter Tia singing her favorite "pop" type hits. Honestly, every night, between the sound problems causing delays and Donna ALWAYS starting extremely late (because of sound not being ready mostly), they would play 5-6 songs only, then invite the Overtakers up, and the Overtakers ended the show. By the last night, I was finally feeling like I was starting to see a Donna show for the first time all week, and after the 6th song they invited up the Overtakers and I have to admit I was extremely disappointed.

On the one hand, I'm really glad the band gets up there and does what they want to do, and has a good time, without worrying about whether they're playing their "hits" or whatever. But, on the other hand, I paid a hell of a lot of money to go all the way to Jamaica to DTB, and they did not fullfill my expectations. Luckily Negril was incredible, or I would feel really upset and disappointed.

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