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12/9/06 Revolution Hall, Troy, NY

Way Back When, Blue Sky, Tommorow Still Knows, 40 Days & 40 Nights, Temporary Misery, Positive Friction, Tides of Time, Give Me Just A Little Time, Locket and Key, Family Picture, Voice in My Head, Broken Record, Ancient Arms, It's a New Day, Lifetime of a Fool, Love and Gasoline, Funkyside, No Place Like the Right Time
Encore: Rockin' the Weary Land, Living in Babylon

By Dan Smith

Donna the Bufffalo always seems to fill the house when playing at Troy's Revolution Hall. 12/9/06 was no different. A plethora of bands have played here, and there is no doubt an energy to this room. I know the promoter of this venue and he loves booking Donna, who also seems to really enjoy the venue as well. I always thought, from a performers vantagepoint, it must be fun to see a packed floor and then look up to see a wrap around balcony filled with dancin folks, smilin' and swayin'. The Herd was in full force, all ages and walks of life, all here for the same reason.

The overriding theme tonight I felt was an urge of Jeb's to be searching for moments to step off into those jamming spaces where he can be free. I confirmed this with a few of my friends as well, Jeb appeared to be waiting for just the right tune to jump off into the noodle jam heaven. Perfunctory versions of Way Back When and Blue Sky did in fact get the crowd up and groovin', but Jeb quickly drops right into Tomorrow Still Knows, filling the quiet spaces of Revolution Hall with pondering thoughts of the future. Jeb then launches into 40 days to get us all back to groovin', and no one was dissapointed. At this point in the night I looked around and viewed the beauty of the Herd, and the beauty of the fact that you can tell what newbie was there for the first time, more than likely dragged along by a longtime Herd member. How wonderful to see all ages of folks in the moment.

Next, Donna plows through Temporary Misery, a bouncy Positive Friction, Give Me Just a Little Time, and Locket and Key. When Jeb started strumiming the chords of Voice in My Head, my friend Jason and I looked at each and thought..."here's where Jeb has been lookin' for". And sure enough, when it was time to Jam...Jeb literally JUMPS off the cliff, at this point I was surrounded by my friend Geoff, Jason. Our jaws were on the floor as we watched Jeb gryate, pounce, fly, even spaz out at times completely and fully playin the heck out of each note and lovin EVERY second of it, this is the spot he was waitng for and he did not hold back one ounce of his PHAT Fender noodling sound. Unbeleivable. Watching this happen was indeed a blessing. I guess you had to be there.

After an always welcome Ancient arms, Jeb, Tara, and Bill were all standing around Jebs micstand looking down at what appeared to be two pieces of paper with song requests written on them. Jeb then states something to the effect of " someone put up about 11 requests of songs we really don't do anymore, so we're trying to figure out what we're gonna do"...they choose It's a New Day. Just as soon as they started this song there was one particular fella who seemed a little more excited than most at this song choice. Dancin' alot harder than most, he was hard not to notice, I mean this guy was going off. I do love the hopeful message of this song, and watchin this ecstatic guy made me believe that we all are indeed up on a holy ride. I recall on the back of this wild eyed guys shirt there was a quote "don't expect nothing but a good time". And tonight was a good time.

Next Jeb looks over the song request list and picks Lifetime of a Fool. An absolutley beautiful version, with all memebers searchin for the sound. I do so love listening to Kathy's straight piano sound durring thes quieter songs. Speaking of Kathy, I ran into her before the show and asked her how it came about that she is playing a Hammond B-3 organ, she specifically said "that was all Jeb's idea", cool! And Kathy did play the hell out of the Hammond, I loved it as did many others I am sure.

Interestingly at the end of this song Jeb makes definite eye contact to the dancing fool guy and gives an unmistakable nod of thanks for perhaps forcing out these nuggets of songs that don't gete played much at all these days. It was very intersting to watch, fan and performer interacting in such an intimate way.

The rest of the night continued to rock and roll, sway and swing, most noteable a great Love and Gasoline and Rockin n the Weary Land. By the time they started Livin n Babylon, it appeared the band was tired, but very appreciative of the turn out and the love they surley feel from those that came. Another truly fine show for the Revolution Hall. I am sure there will be more.

On a side note, I made my way up to the stage after the band had left, and I could see the song request list that that wild dude no doubt had placed there. Imagine if they had played what I read....Noonday Train, Lookin for a Place to Be, If there's Love Here, The Place that Lovers Do,Your Way Home, Lifetime of a Fool, It's a New Day, Don't Leave me Behind, and 10,000 years. What a treat that would have been. Maybe someday!

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