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8/17/06 Lafayette Square,
Buffalo, NY

Setlist (courtesy donnabase.com)
Way Back When, Locket and Key, Family Picture, Positive Friction, Tides of Time, Ring of Fire, Blue Sky, Rocking Horse, I Wish You Love, Voice in My Head, If You Only Could, Everyday, Part Time Lover

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By Lori Sands

Tea Leaf Green opened. We thought they would never stop playing...even though they were pretty good. Their fans were mostly young guys who stared intently at the band as if mesmerized.

It got very crowded, and the sound was not great. Lots and lots of Herd there, and we met so many new Herd friends, including several peeps who apparently lurk on the list.

Tara forgot words to Tides of Time, and Judy said "We need a Northern Linda." The band: Happy, smiling, joking, they seemed relaxed and just plain Happy. Nice Kathy solo early in Family Picture. We will remember the If Only You Could as the highlight of this show.

What was interesting was the large number of young Donna fans--like college age or in their 20s. These kids are so refreshing and they truly love Donna. I'm not saying we're OLD or anything mind you, but at most shows the average age on the rail is about 45, so its great to see the younger generation getting the message loud and clear.

Lynnie turned us all on to the "Buffalo Store," which was located right across the street from the park. So we all spent all kinds of money in there buying all kinds of Buffalo stuff--Herd heaven!

In short: beautiful evening in Buffalo, nice party, nice crowd, good set. Ben said Jordy was absolutely swamped with buyers after the show. "There's a family growing..."

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