December 2011

New Year's Eve Shows Will Be Webcast!

If you're not going to be able to make it to Tampa, FL for Donna the Buffalo's 3-night New Year's Eve run at Skipper's Smokehouse, there's an excellent chance you'll be able to watch these shows online at Rand Knapp says the probability of these shows being webcast is very likely for 12/30, almost certain for 12/31, and to be determined for 1/1/12. The sophistication of these webcasts will be reaching new heights for this NYE run, as Rand explains: "The video signal should be strong and clear via a very close 4-G cell tower. We are shooting for a three-camera mix (but at least two) and will continue using the new video mixing board. The audio will be a matrix from John B., who is coordinating a mix of all the on-site audio taper's microphone sources for archival purposes, and he has very kindly offered up that mix to the webcasting team to use as well." The webcasts should start with coverage of the opening acts at approximately 8 pm eastern time on 12/30 and 12/31 and 5 pm eastern on 1/1. For more details, and to view the webcasts, go to (posted 12/28/11)

New Donna the Buffalo Fan Pages

Oregon-based Herd members Debby and Gordon Rosenberg have recently added several worthy entries to the list of web sites all Donna the Buffalo fans should bookmark. The two created and maintain a most excellent music blog, Tuned-In Music ( that features podcasts and videos of artists from an extremely broad range of genres. Tuned-In's DtB content can be found at In additional, Gordon has created a DtB group on the roots music web site No Depression at Thanks, guys!
(posted 12/26/11)

New Video: Zydeco Party, 12/18/11 Ithaca, NY

On Sunday, 12/18/11, Donna the Buffalo capped off their annual run of holidays shows with an afternoon zydeco-only performance. Thanks to Mark "DaBabe" Roth, you can see a video of DtB's entire set on 12/18/11 at Castways in Ithaca, NY. The setlist this day included You're Breaking My Heart, Uncle Bud, Revelation Two-Step, Hamilton Club, a cover of Jimi Hendrix's Little Wing, Paper in My Shoe, Part-Time Lover, and of course plenty of zydeco instumentals. Mark's got a ton of excellent videos of DtB and other bands at his YouTube channel at Thanks, Mark!
(posted 12/23/11)

New Photos: 12/16/11 Woodstock, NY With Aidan O'Brien

Fans who attended Donna the Buffalo's show on Friday, 12/16/11 in Woodstock, NY got an special treat: guitarist Aidan O'Brien sat in for an impressive version of Mystic Water. Using Jeb's guitar, Aidan—who's the son of longtime DtB fans Steve and Liz O'Brien—immediately jumped into the groove and laid down some licks on what was arguably the most interesting jam of the evening. Check out this brief video sample (above) and 6 photos of DtB playing on 12/16/11 in Woodstock, NY. There's also another short clip of Aidan at Other highlights included Positive Friction, Love and Gasoline, Come to Life, Conscious Evolution, Ones You Love, Jamestown Christmas, and Hot Tamale Baby. The encore started with just Jeb and Mark performing a song, then the full band for a new Jeb Puryear tune, a zydeco instrumental, and then Hey Trudy to end the evening. (posted 12/17/11)

Unique DtB Interview on MyJoogTV

On Sunday, 12/2/11, Donna the Buffalo performed at the Ram's Head Tavern in Annapolis, MD. While there, the band hosted an interview on their bus with MyJoogTV ("where we pair our favorite musicians with makers of fine wines, brews, spirits, or anything else that is fermented"). Over the course of the 12-minute video, the band discusses the upcoming inaugural Virginia Keys GrassRoots Festival, which will take place 2/9/12 - 2/12/12 in Key Biscayne, FL; the beginning of their relationship with country legend and longtime musical collaborator Jim Lauderdale; playing during extreme weather conditions during Floyd Fest; Tara's recent solo effort, Wood And Stone; and more, all while drinking a bottle of Cirrus Vodka, "a potato vodka distilled in Richmond, Virginia." The footage also include approximately three minutes of DtB onstage, performing Revolution at the Ram's head on 12/2/11. All of this is found in MyJoogTV Episode 12, available at (posted 12/12/11)

Just Added: Photos From 12/8/11 Ann Arbor, MI

There's nothing better than having Donna the Buffalo come to your home state, especially for those who live outside the eastern US. DonnaFan Kim Goolsby recently had exactly that happen to her, and generously shares with us 9 photos of DtB playing at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI on 12/8/11. According to, this was the band's third performance at the Blind Pig; the other two gigs took place in 2003 and 2004. "Tara played some oldies, including It Will Be Right and Family Picture. Lots of new stuff from Jeb," Kim said. "The encore was Each & Every Direction—my favorite Donna song, played for my birthday! We had a great time." Thanks so much for the photos, Kim, and happy birthday! (posted 12/10/11)

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