July 2010

First Photos From GrassRoots: Thursday 7/22/10

As has become a tradition here at, Greg Cotterill provides us with photos from opening day of the beloved Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance, which this year celebrated its 20th anniversary. Greg generously supplies us with 12 photos of DtB playing on Thursday, 7/22/10, in Trumansburg, NY, plus three photos of Bubba George (with Jeb Puryear on fiddle) opening up the festival. As mentioned below, this set was webcast live by, DaBabe, and the Vest Brothers, and included stellar performances of Let Love Move Me, Funky Side, and Hot Tamale Baby. Greg's images include a shot of former DtB keyboardist Joe Thrift sitting in on scrubboard. Thrift joined the band for a cover of the Darryl Carter tune No Sad Songs, In The Shade, and Tides of Time. Greg also snapped a photo of the eager crowd on the rail and in the first few rows, so if you were there, you'll probably be able to spot yourself in this shot. Thanks for the photos, Greg! (posted 7/30/10)

Live Webcasts From GrassRoots!, DaBabe, and the legendary Vest Bros. will be webcasting from the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival in Trumansburg, NY this weekend! For details, and to watch the webcasts--and participate in the infamous chat room--go to On Thur. 7/22, the webcast featured Donna the Buffalo's set, which started at about 7 pm and ended at 8:30. Paul Roberge provides the setlist: Movin' On, Beauty Within, Voice in My Head, No Sad Songs (with Joe Thrift on scrubboard), The Ones You Love, Positive Friction, In the Shade (w/Joe Thrift), Tides of Time (w/Joe Thrift), Let Love Move Me, Love and Gasoline, Funky Side, and Hot Tamale Baby. Thanks, Paul, for the list, and thank you very much to our dedicated webcast crew! (posted 7/22/10)

Live Updates From GrassRoots On

Not going to be at the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival this weekend but still want to keep tabs on what's going on? Starting around 4 pm on Fri, 7/23, I'll be posting highlights, photos, setlists, etc. on You do not need to have a Twitter account to view this page.

Also, if you ARE going to be at this Fest, be sure to stop by the Side2Side booth on the Infield. Side2Side, also known as Herd Charity, is a group of Donna the Buffalo fans who "want to share the good energy we feel at the shows, so we raise money for local organizations that serve people in need wherever the band takes us." Side2Side will be selling raffle tickets for a variety of handmade artwork and other prizes, with proceeds going to Loaves & Fishes of Tompkins County in Ithaca, which provides a place for free meals, hospitality, companionship, and advocacy for those in need, regardless of their faith, beliefs, or circumstances. See you there! (posted 7/21/10)

Video Of New Jeb Song From GBH Songwriters' Circle

7/4/10 Jeb Puryear, Songwriters' Circle, Great Blue Heron Festival, Sherman, NY
At this year's Great Blue Heron Festival, Jeb Puryear debuted a new song at the Songwriters' Circle. Thanks to a group of dedicated fans, you can check out a video of Jeb playing the new song, Mystery, on 7/4/10 in Sherman, NY. This high-quality video was shot and mixed by Bill D., the audio was provided by Madtaper, and the video is hosted by Rand and Carol from Oregon on their HerdDotTV channel on YouTube. A big thanks to everyone involved! (posted 7/18/10)

Photos Of Jeb Playing Solo Acoustic In Ithaca

7/19/10 Jeb Puryear, WITH 90.1 FM broadcast, Ithaca, NY
On Friday, 7/9, Donna the Buffalo's Jeb Puryear was interviewed and performed solo acoustic on a radio station in Ithaca, NY. Longtime Greg Cotterill, explains: "Jeb was a guest last Friday when Ithaca's newest radio station--WITH 90.1 FM--broadcast all day live from The Commons. He talked with Open Tunings DJ Scott Regan about GrassRoots and played one song." Greg, who is station manager of WEOS 89.7 FM and a tremendous supporter of the Ithaca-area music scene, kindly shares 6 photos of Jeb appearing on WITH 90.1 FM on 7/9/10 in Ithaca, NY. The song Jeb played was It's Love Time. You can see a video of Jeb performing this tune solo acoustic on Jeanne Fisher's YouTube channel. Fischer has on her YouTube channel several videos of other local musicians who performed during that broadcast, including Johnny Dowd, Hubcap, Joe Crookston, Djug Django, and Mary Brett Lorson and The Soubrettes. Thanks so much for the photos and info, Greg! (posted 7/17/10)

More Great Photos From Great Blue Heron

7/4/10 Great Blue Heron Fest, Sherman, NY
In addition to the terrific video he shot of the Herd groovin' to Donna the Buffalo playing The Ones You Love at Great Blue Heron (see below), Bill Davis also took the time to capture a dozen photos of DtB playing at GBH in Sherman, NY on 7/4/10. Bill got some great shots, including this one of a smiling Kyle Spark, several very beautiful black and white photos, and a few of special guests Keith Secola (on flute) and Joseph Martens and Jessy Daumen of Hindu Cowboys, who sat in for a pair of songs during this all-star set. Thanks, Bill! Also be sure to check out 11 of Larry Franklin's photos from the same gig. (posted 7/14/10)

Awesome Video From Great Blue Heron Festival

7/4/10 Great Blue Heron Fest, Sherman, NY
If you've never been to one of Donna the Buffalo's festival gigs and have wondered what it was like, wonder no more: Bill Davis' video of DtB playing at the Great Blue Heron Festival in Sherman, NY on 7/4/10 captures the experience in all its glory. The video was shot during DtB's performance of The Ones You Love, and the band looks and sounds great, but the real stars of this video are YOU, the Herd, as Bill took his camera and strolled through the happy, smiling, dancing crowd for the second half of the song. Thanks to Rand Knapp, you can watch Bill's video on or on the HerdDotTV channel on YouTube. This best shows why so many people spend so much of their time and energy to see Donna the Buffalo whenever and wherever they can. Whether you recognize every face in this clip or just haven't met everyone quite yet, you're going to love this video! Thanks so much, guys! Bill's also kindly shared with me some terrific photos from this gig that I'll post soon. (posted 7/13/10)

New Photos: 7/4/10 Great Blue Heron Fest, Sherman, NY

7/4/10 Great Blue Heron Fest, Sherman, NY
As is their custom, Donna the Buffalo wrapped up the annual Great Blue Heron Festival with a monster all-star jam that included plenty of special guests and surprises. Fortunately for us, Larry Franklin was on hand, and generously shares with us 11 photos of DtB and friends performing on 7/4/10 in Sherman, NY. After opening the set with a solid string of tunes that included Do It for Love, No Sad Songs, Seems to Want to Hurt This Time, The Ones You Love, Conscious Evolution, and I'll be Gone, the collaborations began. First came Joseph Martens of Hindu Cowboys, followed by Rachel Eddy (fiddle) and Kristian Herner (banjo). Later in the set, Keith Secola (flute) joined in for a pair of songs. Toss in a new Jeb song and a stellar version of Let Love Move Me, and you've got a set for the ages. Thanks for the photos, Larry! (posted 7/8/10)

HaveYouHerd, Vest Bros. To Webcast From Great Blue Heron!

The kind folks at and the Vest Brothers are planning to offer live webcasts of performances by Donna the Buffalo and other bands from this weekend's Great Blue Heron Festival in Sherman, NY. The tentative schedule calls for the webcast to start tonight, Friday 7/2, at 12:30 am (technically, that's Sat. morning) with coverage of Buffalo Zydeco. Then it's likely we'll get live coverage of DtB's set at 11:30 pm on Saturday, 7/3, and more starting around 3 pm on Sunday, 7/4, with possible webcasting of sets by Sim Redmond Band, then Rusted Root, and then DtB. For more information or to see the webcasts, check out Thanks to everyone who's making this possible! (posted 7/2/10)

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