April 2010

First Photos: 4/22/10 Festival International de Louisiane, Lafayette, LA

4/22/10 Lafayette, LA First-time contributor Amber Lehmann generously shares with us 5 photos of Donna the Buffalo performing on Thursday, 4/22/10 in Lafayette, LA at the Festival International de Louisiane. Amber, who "just wanted to send some recent pics from Louisiana's premier festival," captured some fantastic images of Tara and Jeb. Details of this set appear below. In addition to Daniel's video of DtB playing It's Love Time during this performance, Rand Knapp has uploaded to HerdTV a video he shot of the band playing Tides of Time from earlier in the set. DtB also performed a second set at this Festival the next day. Thanks, Amber, for the fantastic photos, and thank you, Rand, for the new video. (posted 4/26/10)

New Video Of DtB: 4/22/10 Lafayette, LA

Major thanks go out to Daniel, who has quickly uploaded a video of Donna the Buffalo performing It's Love Time during their set on 4/22/10 at Festival International De Louisiane in Lafayette, LA. The band's hour-long, early-evening set also included Movin' On, Tides of Time, It's Love Time, Blue Sky, Rockin' Horse, Family Picture, Conscious Evolution, Why You Want to Leave Me Baby, Hot Tamale Baby, and No Place Like the Right Time. Later that night, Jeb (on guitar and fiddle) and Tara (on rubboard and accordion) sat in on the Lost Bayou Rambler's set. DtB had another set at Festival International on Friday, 4/23 before heading up to Silk Hope, NC to play at the Shakori Hill GrassRoots Fest. Thanks to Daniel for this video and to John Yust for the setlist. (posted 4/23/10)

More Photos From The Midwest Tour: 4/2/10 Rochester, MN

4/2/10 Rochester, MNOur second batch of photos from Donna the Buffalo's early April tour of several cities in the upper Midwest come from Gary Pudvan, who shares with us 6 photos of DtB playing on 4/2/10 at WhiskeyBone's Roadhouse in Rochester, MN. In addition to many of their more well-known songs such as Positive Friction, Conscious Evolution, Blue Sky, and Family Picture, the band broke out several of their less-frequently-performed tunes, include Arrows Pointing Sideways, Off to Dreamland, and Sailing. The relatively new Jeb Puryear song Tonight, Tomorrow, and Yesterday was followed by The Mill to end the set. Then just Jeb and David came out to start the encore with a duet version of Times Are Bad, followed by the complete band for Each and Every Direction and a cover of Keith Frank's You're Breaking My Heart to end the night. Thanks to David Grace for the setlist and Gary for the photos! (posted 4/17/10)

New Photos: Berwyn, IL 4/1/10

4/1/10 Berwyn, ILDonna the Buffalo's second stop on the recent mini-tour of the Midwest took place just outside of Chicago. Gary "Mad Taper" Pudvan was at this show and generously provides us with 7 photos of DtB playing on 4/1/10 at FitzGerald's in Berwyn, IL. The band put forth a fine set that included In This Life, Tides of Time, a mid-set Conscious Evolution, the new Jeb Puryear song Tonight, Tomorrow, and Yesterday, and a three-song encore: Mystic Water (Jeb & Tara duet), Mr. King, and You're Breaking My Heart. Thanks to Jeff Frank, you can already download a recording of this show from the Live Music Archive at Thanks so much for the images, Gary. Gary also shot photos at DtB's gig the next night in Rochester, MN, so stay tuned. (posted 4/11/10)

First Photos From Suwannee Springfest, Live Oak, FL

3/26 - 3/28/10 Suwannee Springfest, Live Oak, FLOur first batch of photos from this year's Suwannee Springfest come to us via longtime contributor Robert Chrismer, who is responsible for the always enjoyable Internet radio station Robert shares with us 12 photos of Donna the Buffalo performing 3/26/10 through 3/28/10 at Live Oak, FL. These shows were bass player Kyle Spark's first with DtB; like drummer Vic Stafford, Spark is a former member of Blueground Undergrass. Robert's photos include several shots of Kyle, as well as Ritchie Stearns sitting in on banjo and the legendary Jim Lauderdale. The band also shared the stage with Jonathan Edwards, playing Edwards' hit Sunshine (Go Away Today) not once, but twice. More details and photos to come soon. Thanks, Robert!
(posted 4/1/10)

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