November 2009

Just Added: Photos & A Review Of 11/28/09 High Point, NC

11/28/09 High Point, NC

In late November Donna the Buffalo headed down to their home-away-from-home state for their final show of the year in North Carolina. The band has many a favorite venue in this area, but this time they performed at a brand-new spot: The Aquarius Music Hall in High Point, a former furniture warehouse/showroom. In his review of DtB's show on 11/28/09 in High Point, NC, frequent contributor Paul Roberge describes the new digs as "enormous but really very cool. The stage is low, like at Ziggy's, only wider and open at the ends." The set, which the band performed with a substitute bass player, Rob, whose last name hasn't been confirmed, included older gems such as Hit the Groove, The Ones You Love, Positive Friction, and Voice in My Head. Jeb and Tara started the encore by played Do It For Love as a duet, and then the entire band came out for No Place Like the Right Time. Paul's daughter Maggie kindly shares with us 7 photos of DtB's gig on 11/28/09 in High Point, NC, including a few shots of the mystery bass player. Thanks, Roberges!
(posted 11/30/09)

New Review: 11/20/09 Mamaroneck, NY

11/20/09 Mamaroneck, NY

Seeing Donna the Buffalo in a theater setting is a very different experience from seeing them in a club or at a festival. While theater shows mean you have to deal with fixed seats, sometimes limited dancing space, and the occasional cranky usher, the setting typically does have its advantages: superior sound, a quieter, less drunk crowd, and the tendency of the band to put forth its very best efforts. All of these factors combined to make the band's recent show at the Emelin Theater in Mamaroneck, NY an exceptionally good time. Check out my review of DtB's show on 11/20/09 for more details. Thanks for the photo and it was nice meeting you, Waddy! (posted 11/22/09)

Live Coverage Of DtB's Next Show: 11/20/09 Mamaroneck, NY

Donna the Buffalo's next performance will take place Friday, 11/20/09 at 8 pm at the beautiful 275-seat Emelin Theatre in Mamaroneck, NY. This will be the band's first show ever in this city and venue, so come out and show your support. To order tickets call the Emelin Theatre's box office at 914-698-0098 or visit During this show, I will be tweeting the setlist, photos, and updates live as it happens on (posted 11/14/09)

Three Great New Videos Of DtB

10/8/09 Silk Hope, NC

Three fantastic new videos of Donna the Buffalo recently have been posted to YouTube. The first comes from filmmaker Ernie Smith, who shares video of DtB performing I Wish You Love on 10/8/09 at the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Fest in Silk Hope, NC. "No real production here, just the band singing and playing," Ernie wrote. "My challenge was syncing my sound with that of Gary Pudvan, who provided the field recording." Ernie's got a ton of similarly fantastic DtB videos on his YouTube channel at The second video, posted by Dan Payette, is nothing less than a slice of DtB history: nearly 10 minutes of the first-ever Jeb and Tara duet show from 9/26/09 in St. Petersburg, FL. This video shows the complete performance of Life's A Ride and half of the Jeb tune Hopes & Dreams. Dan's handheld video captures the banter and crowd sounds that really give you a feel for the atmosphere at this very special show. On his YouTube channel at, Dan's also posted a video of Jeb and Tara doing Blue Sky from this same show. Thanks, guys! (posted 11/7/09)

Just Added: Photos From 10/24/09 Live Oak, FL

10/24/09 Live Oak, FL

Donna the Buffalo played a headlining set at Magnolia Festival on Saturday, 10/24/09, and once again the always-reliable Phil Ross did not let the occasion go undocumented. Phil's 9 photos of DtB performing on 10/24 in Live Oak, FL include 3 great shots of Jay and Tara, a few of Jeb on his Kent guitar, which he played for It's Love Time and Ding Dang Dong, and one of percussionist Nery Arevelo, who sat it during Blue Sky and the set-ending 40 Days & 40 Nights. In addition to these songs, DtB also played Funkyside, Locket & Key, Family Picture, I'll Be Gone, Me & Depression, Tides of Time, and Hot Tamale Baby. Thanks to the dedication of a handful of kind fans, this performance was webcast live on so fans around the country could get in on the fun from the comfort of their own living rooms. Thanks so much for your contributions, Phil!
(posted 11/2/09)

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