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November 2008

First Photos: 11/21/08
San Franciso, CA

On Friday, 11/21/08, Donna the Buffalo's tour of the Western states reached California with a gig at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. First-time DonnaFans.com contributor Bill Davis flew out for this show and kindly shares with us 10 photos of DtB from 11/21/08 in San Francisco, CA. "The sound was excellent in this place; it is a very old music hall with amazing woodwork everywhere," Bill said. "The crowd was stellar, everyone who I met was super nice and looked to having a great time. I spent pretty much the whole show pretty close to the front dancing really hard." One of the highlights of the set for Bill was the band's performance of It's Just Me. "It was a wonderful rendition," he said. Thanks so much for the photos, Bill! The band concluded its Western tour the next night with a show at Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz, CA.
(posted 11/29/08)

Just Added: Photos From 11/18/08 Boise, ID
Last week, Donna the Buffalo made their first-ever appearance in Idaho. The venue: The Grizzly Rose in Boise. The set: A tasty mix of crowd favorites (Family Picture, Conscious Evolution, Me and Depression, Blue Sky, Positive Friction, No Place Like The Right Time), less-frequently-heard gems (Co Fa [Tell Me Why], Greatest Love, Need You More And More), and songs from Silverlined (Garden of Eden, Temporary Misery, Broken Record). The night ended with the Believers joining DtB for Higher Ground. The setlist comes courtesy of Kimmy Tiedemann. "The venue had a mechanical bull right in front of the soundboard," Kimmy said. "That was a first for me! Crowd was small but really happy DtB was there!" Kimmy also provides us with 8 photos of DtB performing in Boise, ID on 11/18/08, including one of Dave on the aforementioned bull. Thanks, Kimmy, you efforts are very much appreciated!
(posted 11/24/08)

Hollywood Show Has Been Cancelled
The Donna the Buffalo show originally scheduled for Sunday, 11/23 at the House of Blues in Hollywood, CA has been cancelled. The band's next gig will take place on Friday, 12/5 in Grand Rapids, MI.
(posted 11/23/08)

Photos From 11/16/08
Salt Lake City, UT

After two enthusiastically-received gigs at The Oriental Theater in Denver, CO, Donna the Buffalo headed about 530 miles west to Salt Lake City, UT. Their they performed a Sunday night gig at Bar Deluxe, "the home of the Slippery Kittens Burlesque." No word yet on the details of this show, but Kimmy Tiedemann was on the bus from Denver through the Boise, ID show, and shares with us 5 photos of DtB playing on 11/16/08 in Salt Lake City, UT. Kimmy also photographed the Boise show two days later, and we'll post her shots from that gig next. Thanks, Kimmy! (posted 11/22/08)

Portland Show Will Be Webcast Live!
Rand and Carol of HaveYouHerd.com will be working with a group of fans to provide a live webcast of Donna the Buffalo's show on Thursday, 11/20, from the Alladin Theater in Portland, OR. The webcast, which will start at around 9 p.m. west coast time, will be available on http://webcast.haveyouherd.com. Double your fun by logging into the HaveYouHerd.com chat room while you watch the webcast. The same team's webcast of the previous night's DtB show in Seattle, WA was an unqualified success. Thanks so much to all who make these special events possible! (posted 11/20/08)

First Photos From The Western Tour: Denver, CO
If you enjoying checking out photos of Donna the Buffalo laying out the tunes with huge smiles on their faces, then you're going to love Larry Altshuler's images. This first-time DonnaFans.com contributor was at the second of DtB's gigs in Colorado, and kindly shares with us 12 photos of DtB performing on 11/15/08 at The Oriental Theater in Denver, CO. Larry got some fantastic portrait-style shots and a few terrific B&W images. For the second night at this venue, the band played many of the fans' favorite old songs, such as Mr. King, The Ones You Love, and Arrows Pointing Sideways, as well as a bunch off their latest CD, Silverlined, including Biggie K, Temporary Misery, and Forty Days and Forty Nights. For the encore, Jeb and Tara did There Must Be as a duet, and then the full band did a legendary Let Love Move Me. Thanks for the photos, Larry!
(posted 11/18/08)

More Photos From
Ithaca, NY 11/7/08

You might think that helping webcast Donna the Buffalo's recent show at Castaways in Ithaca so that fans around the world could see the band live from the comfort of their own homes would have been enough for Gene Martin. But Gene went that extra mile and photographed the band as well. Thanks to Gene, we're happy to present 9 more photos of Donna the Buffalo performing on 11/7/08 in Ithaca, NY. These are in addition to Karten Landau's 5 photos from this same show. Whenever the band plays I-town, merriment is sure to be the result, and as these photos shows, this certainly was the case at Castaways. DtB geared up for their trip west with a set that was filled with the things Donna does best. Gene's been quite busy as of late--in addition to photographing and webcasting the Ithaca and Rochester shows, he's also been helping bring the beloved, recently improved Donnabase.com back up to snuff. Way to go, Gene! (posted 11/17/08)

Just Added: Photos From 11/8/08 Rochester, NY
Donna the Buffalo finished off a recent weekend of New York shows with a performance at a venue they've played 20 times since first appearing there in 1996: Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, NY. With Tom Gilbert on drums and Sim Redmond filling in for Jay Sanders on bass, the band played a set that contained both old songs and new, including The Mill, Spinning World, and Push Comes To Shove, which was dedicated to the memory of Studs Terkel. For the encore, first Jeb, Tara and David did Each and Every Direction, and then the entire band plus Trevor MacDonald on scrub closed the night with Hot Tamale Baby. Regular DonnaFans.com contributor Karen Landau provides us with 5 photos of DtB performing in Rochester, NY on 11/8/08, including a shot of the faithful webcasting crew, who brought to us live via HaveYouHerd.com both this show and the previous night's gig in Ithaca. Thanks, Karen! Thanks, webcasters! (posted 11/15/08)

Pedal Steel For The Western Shows?
As the band gets ready for its first swing West in several years, rumor has it that Jeb Puryear's pedal steel is packed up and ready to go. If the band is bothering to bring this instrument on the bus, it's a safe bet that Jeb will break it out for at least several shows on this run, which starts in Denver on Friday, 11/14 and ends in Hollywood, CA on 11/23. Wherever Jeb plays his pedal steel, you'll read about it here first. (posted 11/11/08)

New Photos: 11/7/08 Ithaca, NY
No matter how far their tours take them, Donna the Buffalo always makes sure to take care of their hometown fans. This fall's extensive tour was no exception. On Friday, 11/7/08, the band performed at Castaways in Ithaca, NY. For this show and the next night's gig in Rochester, Tom Gilbert played drums and Sim Redmond filled in on bass. This show was webcast live on HaveYouHerd.com by the same dedicated crew who have so kindly brought us all of the previous webcasts. The set included a cover of the Johnny Cash tune Ring of Fire, as well as The Funky Side, Wood and Stone, Conscious Evolution, and Do My Thing. The night ended with a Hot Tamale Baby. "Ithaca" Karen Landau was at this show and shares with us 5 photos of DtB playing on 11/7/08 In Ithaca, NY. Karen also attended the next night's show in Rochester, and I'll soon post her photos of it. Thanks, Karen! (posted 11/11/08)

A Weekend In NY, Then Head West
Donna the Buffalo's massive Fall tour in support of the band's new CD, Silverlined, is about to get real serious. After a well-deserved break last weekend, the band returns with two shows close to home: Castaways in Ithaca, NY on Friday, 11/7 and Water Street in Rochester, NY on Saturday, 11/8. Shortly after, the band departs for the West for the first time since 2006, with shows in Denver, CO on 11/14 and 11/15; Salt Lake City, UT on 11/16; Boise, ID on 11/18; Seattle, WA on 11/19; Portland, OR on 11/20; San Francisco, CA on 11/21; Santa Cruz, CA on 11/22; and Hollywood, CA on 11/23. For more info, including links to the venue web sites, visit the Tour Dates page of the band's official site, www.donnathebuffalo.com. (posted 11/4/08)

DtB Returns To MagFest
For members of the Herd who live in Florida, there are two festivals that must not be missed: Suwannee Springfest and MagnoliaFest, both of which take place at beautiful Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL. Donna the Buffalo is a perennial favorite at this venue, and this year's MagFest took place 10/23 - 10/26. Capping off an extensive run of the southeast, the band performed three sets MagFest sets this year: one Friday night on the Amphitheater Stage, one Saturday afternoon with Jim Lauderdale on the Meadow Stage, and then back to the Amphitheater Stage on Saturday night. Friday night's highlights included The Mill, Wood and Stone, Spinning World, and Revelation Two-Step, while Saturday brought us Each and Every Direction, Let Love Move Me, and a Funky Side encore. John Yust finished off his DtB tour by spending the weekend at MagFest, and shares with us 12 photos of DtB peforming on 10/24 and 10/25 in Live Oak, FL, including shots of the band's set with Jim Lauderdale. Thanks, John! (posted 11/1/08)

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