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June 2008

DtB Debuts Video For Silverlined
On Wednesday, 6/25, Donna the Buffalo debuted a new promotional video in advance of its soon-to-be released CD, Silverlined. The video is available on the band's MySpace page, www.myspace.com/donnathebuffalo, and on the band's official site, www.donnathebuffalo.com. The mini-documentary features clips of the band performing at the Crawfish Festival in Augusta, NJ on 5/31, interviews with Jeb and Tara, interviews with fans, and more. (posted 6/25)

Listen To Tracks From DtB's Next CD!
Donna the Buffalo's next CD, Silverlined, will be delivered on 7/8, but you can listen to two tracks from this Sugar Hill Records CD today on the band's MySpace page, www.myspace.com/donnathebuffalo. The two tunes are Locket and Key, which was written by Tara Nevins and first performed live on 3/31/06, and Garden of Eden, which was written by Jeb Puryear and debuted on 12/8/05. Lyrics for both are available on Donnabase.com. The complete track list is available on Funkyside.com. The studio versions of these songs feature some pleasant additions, such as banjo (presumably by Bela Fleck) on Locket and Key. Silverlined was co-produced by Joe Blaney (The Clash, Shawn Colvin) and mixed by Jim Scott (Lucinda Williams, Dixie Chicks). In addition to Fleck, guest artists include David Hidalgo, Amy Helm, Claire Lynch, and others. Make sure you're one of the first to hear all of Silverlined--and be automatically entered in a drawing for two all-access tickets to the Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival in Trumansburg, NY--by preodering it using the link on the front of the band's official site, www.donnathebuffalo.com. (posted 6/24/08)

Tara Nevins Wins Fiddlers Competition
Tara Nevins took home a blue ribbon from the 37th Annual Bluegrass & Old Time Fiddlers Convention, which took place June 6-7, 2008 at Veterans Memorial Park in Mount Airy, NC. Tara won first place in the Adult Old-time fiddle category. The complete list of winners is available at www.mtairyfiddlersconvention.com. Rumor has it that in addition to Jeb Puryear, former DtB members Joe Thrift and Jim Miller were also in attendence. If you've got photos from this event, send them to me at fans@donnafans.com. Congratulations, Tara!!
(posted 6/22/08)

DtB Producing Video To Promote New CD, Silverlined
It's confirmed: Donna the Buffalo will debut a video to promote the July 8 release of their next CD, Silverlined. All of the band's performances at the recent Crawfish Festival in Augusta, NJ were captured on video by a crew using professional equipment, and several groups of fans--including this group (right)--were interviewed for the project. The video will be used by DtB's publicist and record company, Sugar Hill Records, and will be posted on the band's official site, www.donnathebuffalo.com, and on their MySpace page.
(updated 6/12/08)

Wakarusa Gig Cut Short
By Storms

Last week Donna the Buffalo traveled to Lawrence, KS for a show at the Wakarusa Music Festival on Thursday, 6/5. The band put in a solid 75-minute set at 3 pm that afternoon. The band was originally scheduled to play a second set later that day, but severe thunderstorms ended the day's musical activity at 8 pm. Drummer Tom Gilbert did not make the trip; his replacement may have been Blueground Undergrass drummer Vic Stafford. (posted 6/9/08)

Crawfish Photos, Part 2
On day 2 of Donna the Buffalo's appearance at the Crawfish Festival, the band performed a 3:30 set on the Main Stage, and then a second set on the Delta Music Pavilion stage later that afternoon. First-time DonnaFans.com contributor Jim McGrath captured both sets in his 11 photos of DtB playing on 5/31/08 in Augusta, NJ. The earlier set started with one crowd favorite (Funkyside) and ended with another (Conscious Evolution). In between we were treated to the politically themed Push Comes to Shove, Blue Sky, Ring of Fire, and more. The later set was just plain strange. Amid rumors of impending storms--and even a possible tornado watch--the band quickly ripped through a string of tunes that included Hot Tamale Baby, Family Picture, and two repeats from the early set: Blue Sky and Temporary Misery. When Jeb said they had time for one more, the band pulled out an entirely appropriate Greatest Love that reached its crescendo right with the arrival of torrential rains (thankfully, the stage and crowd were under a roof, though the lightning was still a concern). It looked like the music was done for the day, but the rain abruptly stopped and the band came back out for a two-song encore: Went Down to the River (last played 1/12/08 on the cruise), and a really sweet There You Are. Thanks for the photos, Jim! (posted 6/7/08)

First Photos: 5/30/08 Augusta, NJ
Last weekend, in my excitement to enjoy Donna the Buffalo at a festival in my homestate of New Jersey, I perhaps didn't pay as close attention as I should have to taking photos, and didn't come home with very many usable images. Fortunately, frequent DonnaFans.com contributor Larry Franklin was also at DtB's debut appearance at the Crawfish Festival--with a brand new camera. Between the two of us, we share 9 photos of Donna the Buffalo playing on 5/30/08 in Augusta, NJ. The Friday night gig started in the early evening (6:25 pm) and was for only those attendees who were camping for this fest. A link to my review of this set appears below. Thanks for the photos, Larry! I'll soon post photos from the band's other two Crawfish sets, which took place the next day. (posted 6/3/08)

New Review: 5/30/08 Augusta, NJ
Donna the Buffalo began the first of their three sets at last weekend's Crawfish Festival in Augusta, NJ in fine fashion, playing a spirited 70-minute set to an intimate crowd that chowed down on free crawfish and jambalaya as the music played. This festival took place only an hour from my home, so I was there for every minute DtB was on the stage. Check out my review of Donna the Buffalo playing in Augusta, NJ on 5/30/08 for a sense of how they did during Friday night's campers-only set. The band played two more sets the following day, and I'll soon post a review of those sets, and some photos as well. (posted 6/2/08)

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