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May 2008

Cool Photos From Sunday Night At Springfest
It seems like Suwanee Springfest was so long ago, but actually that favorite festival took place less than two months ago. First-time DonnaFans.com contributor Amanda Abercrombie was there, and said, "I had the privilege of staying for the Sunday afternoon set with Donna, Peter Rowan, David Gans, etc." Amanda shares with us a dozen photos of DtB and friends playing on 3/30/08 in Live Oak, FL. The all-star set featured a bunch of seldom-heard songs with the special guests, including The Cuckoo, When We Live With Love, Aiko Aiko, and Pulling the Devil By the Tail, and wrapped up with Let Love Move Me as the encore. Amanda, a commercial/medical photographer, used filters to give her photos a cool, entirely fitting "old timey" look. "I had so much fun with these photos I just have to share them with someone, other than co-workers who have no clue who Donna is!" she said. Thanks so much for the photos, Amanda, and welcome to DonnaFans.com. (posted 5/25/08)

Jeb Puryear & Hank Roberts, 5/17/08 Edinboro, PA
Fans of Donna the Buffalo and the Ithaca music scene who attended the recent Edinboro (PA) Arts And Music Fest were witness to a pair of treats. First, Richie Stearns and Judy Hyman performed a set; the pair are best known for their work with the Horseflies, who will release a new CD, Until the Ocean, in June. Then DtB's Jeb Puryear played with Hank Roberts, who appears on Jeb's solo CD, Hopes and Dreams, and has played several gigs with Jeb since that CD was released last December. The duo's set included Love is The Only Thing, Universal Love, Killing A Man, These Are Better Days, Little Wing, Hopes And Dreams, and a pair of Hank's songs. All four musicians shared the stage twice: First Jeb and Hank joined Richie and Judy at the end of their set, and then Richie and Judy returned the favor for a unique, set-ending version of Ribbons & Bows. Larry Franklin documented all of the action in his 12 photos of Jeb Puryear and Hank Roberts playing on 5/17/08 in Edinboro, PA. "The closing Ribbons & Bows...Richie took control of this," Larry said. "Richie set it up in a new minor key (actually a minor key progression) he'd wanted to try, and it was spooktacular! This is a great song--Richie has created many great songs--but it has never been performed like it was [here]." Thanks for the photos, Larry! (posted 5/22/08)

Just Added: Photos From the Lilac Festival, 5/11/08
Last week, frequent DonnaFans.com contributor Gene Martin rounded out his Donna the Buffalo weekend by catching the band's free, headlining set at the Lilac Festival, and provides us with 8 photos of DtB performing on 5/11/08 at Highland Park in Rochester, NY. The set was notable for the re-emergence of the song The Mill, which DtB played for the first time since 7/20/06 at GrassRoots, Trumansburg, NY. As you can tell from Gene's photos, despite the threat of rain, which never materialized, quite a decent-sized crowd enjoyed the band's performance. Thanks for the photos, Gene!
(posted 5/18/08)

First Photos From 5/10/08 South Burlington, VT
According to Donnabase.com, Donna the Buffalo first played the Higher Ground in South Burlington, VT in May 2001, and has returned seven times since. Though the venue's location has changed over the years, the good times whenever DtB hits the Higher Ground's stage has not. Gene Martin kindly shares with us 12 photos of DtB performing on 5/10/08 in South Burlington, VT. Gene's shots include at least one good one of every band member. In addition to most of the most popular, often-played songs, the band's set at this show featured Universal Love, Mystic Water, and Each & Every Direction as the first of a two-song encore; the encore ended with No Place Like the Right Time. In the notes accompanying his soundboard recording of this show, taper Bill Koucky wrote, "Tara had trouble with her guitar but was intent on playing No Place Like The Right Time so Jeb took questions from the audience." Thanks for the photos, Gene! (posted 5/14/08)

A Farewell Gig From Kathy Z And Friends
This Saturday, if you're not headed to Vermont to see DtB, you might want to check out former Donna the Buffalo keyboardist Kathy Ziegler's final performance before she moves to the Netherlands in June. The gig will take place at 8 pm this Saturday, 5/10, at the Morgan Opera House in Aurora, NY. "I will be joined by Mary Lorson on vocals, AJ Strauss on vocals, stand-up bass, and trumpet, and Billy Cote on electric guitar," Kathy said. For tickets, visit www.morganoperahouse.org or call 315-364-5437. Also check out a terrific interview with KZ that appeared in The Ithaca Journal. Best of luck, Kathy, and we'll see you again soon!
(posted 5/8/08)

Preorder DtB's Next CD!
You can make sure you're one of the first to hear Donna the Buffalo's next CD, Silverlined--and be automatically entered in a drawing for two all-access tickets to the Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival in Trumansburg, NY--by preodering it today from the band's official site, www.donnathebuffalo.com, where you also can find the complete track list (finally, we get an "official" 40 Days and 40 Nights!). This Sugar Hill Records CD was co-produced by Joe Blaney (The Clash, Shawn Colvin) and mixed by Jim Scott (Lucinda Williams, Dixie Chicks). Guest artists include Bela Fleck, David Hidalgo, Amy Helm, Claire Lynch, and others. Release date is 7/8/08.
(posted 5/8/08)

Just Added: Photos From The Hillside Jam At Merlefest
Donna the Buffalo's annual appearance at Merlefest usually offers the band the opportunity to collaborate with numerous talented musicians--some longtime friends, others whom they rarely see. One of the highlights of this year's Merlefest was the Saturday afternoon Hillside Jam, which featured DtB performing with Tim O'Brien, Scott Vestal, and country legend Jim Lauderdale. The band played Tides of Time, the title track from the 2003 Wait Til Spring CD they released with Lauderdale, You Don't Seem To Miss Me, Let's Go To Huntin,' Walk the Way the Wind Blows, and Greatest Love of All. John Yust returned to Merlefest for the first time since 2001, and kindly shares with us 12 photos of Donna the Buffalo and friends playing in Wilkesboro, NC on 4/26/08. "Tim O'Brien wanted us all to sing along on obscure songs, and his cowboy pantomime was hilarious," Linda Dicus wrote, adding that lightning, thunder, and torrential rain cut the set short. Thanks for the photos, John! (posted 5/3/08)

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