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January 2008

Cruise Photos, Part 4:
Big Night For Pirate Fans

By Donna the Buffalo's fourth gig of the cruise on the Norewegian Dawn, it became delightfully clear that the band was leaving no stone unturned in its effort to break out rare tunes from its repertoire. This set, which was billed as "Pirate Night," took place on Thursday, 1/10/08 in the Spinnaker Lounge, the site of all but one of DtB's five cruise gigs. Rare songs included Make It Mine (according to Donnabase.com, last performed on 5/1/03), In the Middle Distance (6/24/04), and Blue Shadows (1/1/06). In addition, the encore was Universal Love, performed without Tara or Kathy but with Dave McCracken on keys. This song--formerly known as Like the Coming Sun--appears on Jeb's new solo CD, Hopes & Dreams. Many thanks to Robert Chrismer for his 12 photos of DtB playing on the Norewegian Dawn on 1/10/08. (posted 1/30/08)

Cruise Photos, Part 3:
Puny Can't Get Me Down

After a day off, Donna the Buffalo returned to the Spinnaker Lounge for their third gig of the cruise on the Norewegian Dawn. The set started with what perhaps DtB's most appropriate song selection ever: Everyday. You can see a video of this tune, including Jeb's introduction, and other songs from this performance, on Bill and Izzy's YouTube site at www.youtube.com/user/bizzydtb. The band continued to dig deep into the songbook, breaking out Biggie K Is a Superstar (last played on 7/21/07 at T-burg GrassRoots) and If You Were to Love Me (2/8/07 in Birmingham, AL). The encore featured Jeb and Tara only doing Don't Go Down (2/10/07 in Huntsville, AL) and Need You More and More. Robert Chrismer continues to share the cruise experience with his great photos, this time a batch of 12 shots of DtB playing on 1/9/08. Don't forget to check out Robert's excellent internet radio station, HaveYouHerd Radio. Thanks, Robert! (posted 1/26/08)

Jeb To Play Obama Benefit In Ithaca On 2/1
On Friday, 2/1, Jeb Puryear will be on the bill at Barack the Vote, a concert/rally for presidential candidate Barack Obama that will take place at the State Theatre in Ithaca, NY. Also performing will be a host of Ithaca's favorite musicians, including the Sim Redmond Band, Richie Stearns, Hank Roberts, Kevin Kinsella of John Brown's Body, Uniit, and Crow Greenspun, plus a special appearance by Samite. Jeb's band most likely will feature a lineup similar to the one that played two shows back in December; Donna the Buffalo will not perform at this event. The suggested donation is $10 to cover concert and campaign expenses. The rally starts at 6 p.m. and the concert at 7. (posted 1/22/08)

Check Out Videos From The Cruise!
Rand and Carol of haveyouherd.com have begun to post videos from Donna the Buffalo's cruise on the Norewegian Dawn, which sailed from 1/6 to 1/13. Currently you can check out performances of Rockin' in the Weary Land and Each and Every Direction, both from the 1/9 set, by logging on to haveyouherd.com. Thanks, guys! (posted 1/22/08)

Cruise Photos, Part 2:
Party On The Pool Deck

For its second gig of the cruise on the Norewegian Dawn, Donna the Buffalo played a Mardi Gras party on the Pool Deck stage. Naturally, the set was heavy on the Zydeco instrumentals and other tunes that featured Tara tearing it up on accordion, including Hey Trudy, Hot Tamale Baby, Tides of Times, and Hollywood Dream. As DtB has since the Herd Appreciation show on 12/30/07, the band continued to keep it interesting by breaking out some seldom-heard songs: Brother of Mine (according to Donnabase.com, last played 1/8/05!!) and Looking For a Place to Be (last played 1/4/07). The set ended with Mystic Water, which many of those in attendance heeding the lyric's call to "jump in the water." Robert Chrismer took the time to photograph the festivities, and provides us with 14 photos of the DtB's Pool Deck show on Monday, 1/7/09. The band went all out to celebrate the Mardi Gras theme--check out Jeb and Tara's beads. Thank you, Robert! (posted 1/20/08)

First Photos From The Cruise!
On Sunday, 1/6/08, the Norwegian Dawn set sail from Miami with Donna the Buffalo and a full complement of the Herd for the second-ever DtB cruise. If you've seen the photos or videos from the first one in 2003, you know what a good time it was. The band played five shows over the eight days. Since the cruise returned on 1/12, fans have uploaded literally hundreds of photos to their personal online photo galleries. Robert Chrismer generously has allowed me to share his on DonnaFans.com, starting here with 10 photos of DtB playing in the Spinnaker Lounge on Sunday, 1/6/09. The setlist for this performance included some interesting choices, such as Do It For Love, Here I Am, Co Fa (aka Chocolate Three Step), and It's A New Day, which Jeb and Tara performed as a duet for the encore. Other gigs on this cruise featured a theme, such as a Mardi Gras party, Pirate Night, and a PJ party, all of which you'll soon find photos posted here. Thanks so much, Robert! (posted 1/19/08)

New Photos: New Year's Eve In Huntsville, AL
Donna the Buffalo followed up their first-ever Herd Appreciation Day show with an equally impressive gig on New Year's Eve, performing the second show of a two-night stand at Crossroads Cafe in Huntsville, AL. The previous day's show was the one that featured a setlist voted on by fans in an online poll, but the New Year's Eve set was just as sure to please. In addition to repeating the rare Wood and Stone (and the not-so-rare Family Picture and I Wish You Love), the band played Co Fa (last played 4/22/07) and Love Is The Only Thing (last played 7/07/07), as well as favorites Conscious Evolution, Funky Side, Ancient Arms, and Tides of Time. As he's done for several years now, Greg Hurtt sang Auld Lang Syne, and the band closed with a 25-minute Mystic Water. "Awesome Mystic Water," wrote John Yust, who graciously shares with us 13 photos of DtB playing on 12/31/07 in Huntsville, AL. "The whole show was great, but that was just amazing." Even TPH enjoyed herself. Thanks for the photos, John! (posted 1/10/08)

First Photos From
Herd Appreciation Day

You've been reading about Herd Appreciation Day on this site for months; now, thanks to Mike Poole, you can see what it looked like. On Sunday, 12/30/07, Donna the Buffalo celebrated Herd/Fan Appreciation Day by hosting 100 fans for dinner and then performing a set that consisted of songs that fans voted for as their favorites; for the setlist, scroll down on this page to the 12/31 entry titled Herd Appreciation Day Setlist. Mike attended this show and shares with us 9 photos of DtB playing on 12/30/07 at Crossroads Cafe in Huntsville, AL. He was in the right spot at the right time to catch a shot of Jeb (with drink in hand) conducting Tara and Kathy Z as they did There Must Be as a duet, as well as several of the band doing Let Love Move Me, the song that garnered the most overall votes. Thanks for the photos, Mike. Next up: Photos from New Year's Eve.
(posted 1/8/08)

Free Download of the 12/28 Jeb Show
Tim Anderson of Funkyside.com has generously made available a free download of a matrix recording of Jeb Puryear's CD release show in Owego, NY on 12/28/07. To get it, go to www.funkyside.com and click on Downloadable Music; registration is required but is easy and free. And don't forget to check out a copy of Jeb's new CD, Hopes and Dreams. (posted 1/8/08)

Just Added: Photos From 12/29/07 Raleigh, NC
On their way to Huntsville, AL for the two-show New Year's run, Donna the Buffalo stopped in Raleigh, NC for a gig at the Lincoln Theatre, a venue they've played nine times since January 2002. The band continued to build on the momentum from its shows in late November and early December, playing an enthusiastic set of crowd favorites, including Funkyside, Tides of Time, Family Picture and Conscious Evolution, plus the less-frequently-heard Sailing and Yonder. Terry Killebrew both photographed and taped this show, and kindly provides us with 12 beautiful photos of DtB performing in Raleigh, NC on 12/29/07. "The band was clearly in good spirits and came out of the gate fast," Paul Roberge wrote on the Herd email discussion list. "It was one of those evenings when DtB reminded me of a finely calibrated machine that is delightful to take in as it gets cranked up to full speed, and then is pushed further still. The connection between band and crowd was extraordinary." Thanks, guys, for the report! (posted 1/3/08)

Herd Appreciation Day Setlist
On 12/30 in Huntsville, AL, as part of Herd/Fan Appreciation Day, Donna the Buffalo treated 100 fans to dinner and then performed a set of songs selected by fans in an online vote. The setlist was as follows: Its a New Day, If You Only Could, Arrows Pointing Sideways, I Wish You Love, West Virginia Rastafari, Standing Room Only, The Waltz, Brother of Mine, Big Parade, Family Picture, Voice in My Head, Temporary Misery, Wood and Stone, Story of the Ages, Faith to Believe. Encore 1: There Must Be (Tara & Kathy only), Let Love Move Me. Encore 2: Sacred Ground (for Marta). Audio from this show was webcast on haveyouherdradio.com, as will tonight's New Year's Eve show starting at 10 pm CST. (posted 12/31/07)

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