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July 2007

More GrassRoots Photos: 7/20/07 With Jim Lauderdale
Greg Cotterill generously shares with us another batch of outstanding photos from last weekend's GrassRoots festival. This time it's 13 shots of DtB performing with Jim Lauderdale on the Grandstand Stage on Friday afternoon, 7/20/07, at the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival in Trumansburg, NY. The band's Friday afternoon set with Lauderdale is a staple at GrassRoots, and as usual the set was heavy with tunes from Wait Til Spring, the 2003 CD they recorded together. Several in attendance say this performance was the best Jonna the Bufferdale set in some time. Thanks for the photos, Greg!
(posted 7/24/07)

Great New Donna Site: weHerd.com
The online Donna the Buffalo community has just gotten bigger and better: Buffalo Bill has launched weHerd.com, a sharp-looking, php message board-based site that's got more features and a better design than any other DtB-related forum to date. weHerd.com offers forums for general discussion, Donna news and rumors, show reviews, Herd gatherings, and more. "[My] forum is a community effort," Bill writes on his site's About page. "It canít and wonít survive without the support of you." Thanks so much for creating this great site, Bill, and best of luck with it!
(posted 7/23/07)

GrassRoots Day 1: Soggy But Fun
Apparently, it just wouldn't be GrassRoots without the rain. But perhaps this year all of the rain came early, on the first day of the festival. Greg Cotterill was on the spot and quickly provides us with 11 photos of DtB playing on 7/19/07 at the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival in Trumansburg, NY. Tom Clausen reports that if anything, the weather seemed to only increase the fun: "Even with a lot of rain making the grounds muddy, no one I witnessed seemed dampened in spirits at all...actually the mud mosh and steady rains only seemed to bring out a more determined festivity to everyone... a certain comradery of sharing a challenging circumstance!" he said. Tom added that DtB's set included a handful of gems, including Voice In My Head, Ring of Fire, Family Picture, America, Funkyside, Love and Gasoline, and It's Just Me. Thanks for the words and photos, guys! (posted 7/20/07)

Aidan O'Brien Rocks Out With DtB At Great Blue Heron
As is their custom, for their final set of the Great Blue Heron Festival last weekend in Sherman, NY, Donna the Buffalo shared the stage with some of their musical friends from the Ithaca music scene and beyond. This year, that list of friends included (at various points) Gregor Bone on guitar, vocals, and tambourine; JT Puryear on guitar; Sim Redmond on guitar, vocals, and bass; Amy Glicklich on acoustic guitar and vocals; Ward Puryear on guitar; Trevor McDonald on guitar and vocals; Kelley Breiding on vocals; Jerry Odom on guitar; Nick McMillan on upright bass;and Pat Burke on vocals. But the highlight of this all-star set was when DtB's youngest guest ever, guitarist Aidan O'Brien, joined the band for a memorable rendition of Current Theme to conclude the evening. The young man played with a poise and stage presence far beyond his years, as you tell from Larry Franklin's 12 photos of DtB's set on Sunday, 7/8 at the Great Blue Heron Festival in Sherman, NY. O'Brien also did an admirable job playing lead guitar with Crow Greenspun's band during Crow's set at this festival. Jay Sanders was on bass for DtB throughout the weekend. Thanks for the photos, Larry, and I'll see you at GrassRoots! (posted 7/14/07)

Just Added: Photos From 7/5/07 With Jay Sanders On Bass
Donna the Buffalo's 5:30 p.m. slot at the Milwaukee Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI was the band's first with Jay Sanders on bass. Previously, Sanders played bass for Acoustic Syndicate, a North Carolina folk/bluegrass band that's done some of the same festivals as DtB. Jeff Frank shares with us six photos of DtB performing on 7/5/07 in Milwaukee, WI. "The new bass player was doing really good," Jeff said, adding that he had a couple of video clips he'll post later. Thanks for the photos, Jeff! (posted 7/9/07)

Jay Sanders To Join DtB?
On Thursday, 7/5, Donna the Buffalo peformed at the Milwaukee Summerfest. The bass player for this gig most likely was Jay Sanders, bassist for the popular North Carolina folk/bluegrass band Acoustic Syndicate. Several fans said Sanders did quite well in his first gig with DtB, a set that started with Way Back When and included Blue Sky, Conscious Evolution, Funkyside, Me & Depression, Rocking Horse, Locket and Key, Family Picture, Tides of Time, Positive Friction, and Hot Tamale as the closer. Hopefully I'll be able to post photos from this show soon. No word yet on whether Sanders was on bass during the band's set at this weekend's Great Blue Heron fest in Sherman, NY. (posted 7/8/07)

Eggstock Photos:
The Final Chapter

Jennifer Klaas has been into Donna the Buffalo for years, but these six photos of DtB performing at Eggstock in Simsbury, CT are her first contribution to DonnaFans.com. "Thought I'd pass these on--use whatever you'd like!" Jennifer said. "My son Jack (9 years old) took the photos of the band and I took a couple of the others. We had loads of other friends and family up at our place for the show and afterparty at our house... all in all made for a great day! Can't wait for GrassRoots!" This show was notable in that it featured Jed Greenberg, who was DtB's bassist from 1997 to 2003, filling in on bass for Bill Reynolds, who has left DtB. Greenberg's return is rumored to be temporary, and the band may be auditioning bass players as we speak. Donna the Buffalo's next show is 7/5 in Milwaukee, WI, followed by the annual celebration of the faithful that's known as the Great Blue Heron Festival in Sherman, NY. Thanks, Jennifer! Thanks, Jack! (posted 6/28/07)

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