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June 2007

Eggstock Photos:
The Final Chapter

Jennifer Klaas has been into Donna the Buffalo for years, but these six photos of DtB performing at Eggstock in Simsbury, CT are her first contribution to DonnaFans.com. "Thought I'd pass these on--use whatever you'd like!" Jennifer said. "My son Jack (9 years old) took the photos of the band and I took a couple of the others. We had loads of other friends and family up at our place for the show and afterparty at our house... all in all made for a great day! Can't wait for GrassRoots!" This show was notable in that it featured Jed Greenberg, who was DtB's bassist from 1997 to 2003, filling in on bass for Bill Reynolds, who has left DtB. Greenberg's return is rumored to be temporary, and the band may be auditioning bass players as we speak. Donna the Buffalo's next show is 7/5 in Milwaukee, WI, followed by the annual celebration of the faithful that's known as the Great Blue Heron Festival in Sherman, NY. Thanks, Jennifer! Thanks, Jack! (posted 6/28/07)

Photo Flashback: Shakori Hills GrassRoots
For many of those who attended the spring Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival in Silk Hope, NC, one of the highlights was the impromptu jam at the coffee barn, which featured Donna the Buffalo's Jeb Puryear on fiddle, Jeb's brother Jordan on guitar, Timmy Brown on percussion, and several others. Kelly Farkas was in the right spot at the right time at this festival, and shares with us photos of the coffee barn jam at Shakori Hills Grassroots festival, as well as several other photos of DtB from this festival, which took place 4/19/07 to 4/22/07. Kelly's photos are an addition to the two dozen images from Spring Shakori previously posted on DonnaFans.com. Thanks so much, Kelly! (posted 6/24/07)

Tara Misses Half A Show, Bill Sits In On Bass (Already!)
On Saturday, 6/23/07, Tara Nevins got stuck in traffic and missed the first half of Donna the Buffalo's gig at the Bayou Boogaloo in Norfolk, VA. Also, former DtB bass player Bill Reynolds, whose last show with the band was at the Asheville Music Jamboree in Mills River, NC on 6/2, played bass for this gig, though the arrangment was described as a "sit-in deal." The band's next show is on 7/5 at the Milwaukee Summerfest.
(posted 6/24/07)

It's Official: Bill Reynolds Has Left Donna the Buffalo
Though there's been no official announcement from DtB, in an email to DonnaFans.com that was filled with nothing but love and praise for both the band and the Herd, Bill Reynolds confirmed that he is no longer a member of Donna the Buffalo. "It was tough decision to move on from Donna the Buffalo," Bill wrote. "I have met so many good friends and been turned on to so much cool stuff...I will be joining the Band of Horses, a group out of South Carolina. Donna has been so good to me, each member of the band and family is a dear friend of mine that I am sure I will keep in touch with, whether it is making records or playing shows...I assume I will come back from time to time if they ask." Bill added that he's been producing records, and plan to do much more of that, so look out for him to do various projects with each member of the band. "I LOVE all the fans and wish i could keep in touch with all ya'll," he wrote. "You make the shows happen. I'll miss you all." Best of luck, Bill, and thank you for all the real good times. At this time, there's no confirmation that Jed Greenberg has rejoined the band as a full-time member; word is that his return is only temporary, and that the band is currently seeking a bass player to replace Bill. (posted 6/19/07)

More Photos From Eggstock
Jed Greenberg's return to Donna the Buffalo went down in front of a relatively small crowd, but more than a few of those in attendance had the foresight to capture this potentially historical moment with their cameras. Bill Nichols shares with us 8 photos of DtB playing at Eggstock in Simsbury, CT on 6/9/07. "Lots of us (from NJ) went to Eggstock to see DTB," Bill said. "Lots of friends we see at Rhythm & Roots were there, too. This was the first time that we saw Jed since he left. He is doing good, has to learn some of the new songs. Weather held out, it was a good day all around." Thanks for the photos and report, Bill. Bill's photos are in addition to the dozen shots of this same show from Laura LeClair Grace that I posted a few days ago.
(posted 6/19/07)

Egg-cellent Photos From Eggstock
Laura LeClair Grace was generous enough to allow me to host her 12 photos of DtB performing (with Jed Greenberg on bass) at Eggstock at Flamig Farm in Simsbury, CT. Flamig Farm is 100-year-old farm that serves as an educational resource by offering school tours, a zoo, pony rides, summer camp, parties, and special events like Eggstock, which was an outdoor music and environmental exhibits festival. During the event, Flamig unveiled its new 11.4-kilowatt commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) system, which was installed over the rooftop of the Farm's chicken coop. The band's set, which was the first to feature the return of Jed on bass, included Livin in Babylon, Me and Depression, This Goes (which was played by request for Liz and Steve's anniversary), and of course No Place Like The Right Time (think about the lyrics for a second). DoG said "Jed still had the groove. Him and Tom clicked right back into the unbelievable partnership they seem to have and it was a fine set." He added that the set was taped, so hopefully copies will surface soon. Thanks Laura! Thanks David! (posted 6/16/07)

New Show Added For NC In August
On Saturday, 8/1/8/07, Donna the Buffalo will play at the Eagles Nest in Banner Elk, NC. Expect more August shows to be announced shortly. Always check the Tour Dates page on the band's official site, www.donnathebuffalo.com, for the latest information.
(posted 6/16/07)

Just Added: Photos From 6/10/07 Preston, CT
Part of Jed Greenberg's triumphant return to Donna the Buffalo--at least for last weekend--was caught on camera by new DonnaFans.com contributor Kevin Umlauf, who shares with us six photos of DtB playing at the Strawberry Park Cajun/Zydeco Fest in Preston, CT on 6/10/07. "A group of friends who frequent the Strawberry Park Zydeco fest saw Donna for the first time this past weekend and we all really enjoyed the show," Kevin said. "I see they’ll be back in this area on Labor Day weekend, so I might have to get to that show as well." Kevin may not have known that former DtB bassist Jed Greenberg was sitting in with the band this weekend for the first time in quite a while; Greenberg's rumored to be rejoining DtB as a full-time member. For many, the highlight of this set was the song All the Time, which was requested by a soldier who is in Iraq for his pregnant wife, who was in the audience. Thanks for the photos, Kevin!
(posted 6/12/07)

New Photos: Asheville Music Jamboree 6/2/07
On Saturday, 6/2, Donna the Buffalo performed at the Asheville Music Jamboree in Mills River, NC, which is about 20 minutes south of Asheville. This festival, which took place at Deerfields, a beautiful 940-acre family-owned tract that offers camping, swimming, and hiking, had a stellar lineup: In addition to DtB, artists including Michael Franti and Spearhead, the Avett Brothers, Toubab Krew, Acoustic Syndicate, Larry Keel, and Keller Williams. DtB's 90-minute set was heavy on crowd favorites such as Conscious Evolution, Family Picture, Tides of Time, and Funkyside. Despite experiencing technical difficulties limited his ability to zoom in or out, prolific DonnaFans.com contributor still managed to come home with a half-dozen photos of DtB playing on 6/2/07 in Mills River, NC, including this one. John mentioned he's looking to get a new camera in time for GrassRoots next month. Thanks for the photos, John!
(posted 6/11/07)

Jed Greenberg To Rejoin Donna the Buffalo?
Former DtB bassist Jed Greenberg played with Donna the Buffalo during the band's sets on Saturday, 6/9 at Eggstock at Flamig Farm in Simsbury, CT and on Sunday, 6/10 in Preston, CT. An unconfirmed rumor has it that Greenberg, who was a member of DtB from 1997 to 2003, has rejoined the band as a full-time member. It's also been suggested that Bill Reynolds has signed on to tour with another band for an undetermined period this summer and will return to DtB after that. We'll let you know...
(posted 6/9/07)

T-burg GrassRoots Schedule Is Released!
The schedule of performances for the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival that will take place 7/19-7/22 in Donna the Buffalo's hometown, Trumansburg, NY has been posted on the official GrassRoots site. One change this year is that DtB's set on Thursday is scheduled for 7 p.m.; in previous years, they've started much later. The band will also perform a set with Jim Lauderdale on Friday afternoon, and evening sets at the Infield stage on Saturday and Sunday. The Balfa Toujours have the late-night dance tent set on Friday night and Keith Frank's band will have that slot on Saturday night. The festival will feature more than 60 bands from an amazing variety of genres playing on four stages, a parade, art gallery, and much, much more. Visit www.grassrootsfest.org/trumansburg for full details. (posted 6/7/07)

Nashville 5/31/07: A Set So Short And Sweet
On Thursday, 5/31/07, Donna the Buffalo came to Nashville, TN for the second time this year and treated local fans to a free show as the headliner at the Downtown River Jam. The band played a solid 60-minute set that featured most of their greatest hits, including Positive Friction, Blue Sky, Tides of Time, Conscious Evolution, and Family Picture. Grammy award-winning country singer/songwriter/guitarist Jim Lauderdale livened up the evening by joining DtB for a rousing rendition of the Lauderdale-penned tune Halfway Down. Then the band did a heartfelt version of It's the Call to end the night. First-time DonnaFans.com contributor Mike Poole captured all of the action with his digital camera, and his 12 photos of DtB performing in Nashville, TN on 5/31/07 included a bunch of great shots of Jim Lauderdale and DtB having a great time together. Thanks, Mike! (posted 6/3/07)

DtB To Headline Eggstock In Connecticut
Donna the Buffalo will be playing just a handful of gigs through the end of June. Tonight, Thursday, 5/31, the band will perform a free show at the Downtown River Jam in Nashville to celebrate that city's anniversary. Then they're off to Asheville, NC for a set at 9 pm on Saturday, 6/2 at the Asheville Music Jamboree. The following weekend, DtB will play a pair of gigs at festivals in Connecticut. First they'll headline Eggstock, a family-oriented event at Flamig Farm in Simsbury, CT on 6/9, following by an afternoon set at the 11th Annual Cajun/Zydeco Festival in Preston, CT on 6/10. The band will close out the month by heading south to Norfolk, VA to play the Bayou Boogaloo on 6/23. As always, check the Tour Dates page of the band's official site, www.donnathebuffalo.com for details. If you're going to be at any of these shows, feel free to send me your photos: fans@donnafans.com. (posted 5/31/07)

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