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February 2007

Good Times From
Atlanta, GA 2/9/07

John Yust has shot many, many photos of Donna the Buffalo over the years, but his 20 photos of DtB playing at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA on 2/9/07 are among his best. John has a knack for catching the band just being themselves, and snapping the shutter at just the right moment. At this show, DtB played several songs by request, including Hit the Groove and Yonder. Linda Dicus reports that the Conscious Evolution was "just amazing." She added, "The unexpected highlight was when Tara went into "Chocolate 3-Step (Yeah You Right)" and Jeb sang either the wrong lyrics or the wrong song altogether. Tara loved it, and she and Kathy made up new lyrics involving Jeb, Tom, and Bill (see photo at left). 'Hey chocolate, you know you wanna scrub it, you know you love it' became something like 'Hey Jeb, you gotta play it, even if you can't say it' and 'Hey Tom, you gotta hit it, even though you might miss it' and 'Hey Bill, play a little lower, maybe then you'll get to know her.'" Thanks for the words and photos, guys!
(posted 2/25/07)

New Photos:
Birmingham, AL 2/8/07

Donna the Buffalo first played in Alabama in 1996. In early February 2007, the band performed there twice in three days. Both shows were in Birmingham, with the first at the Workplay Theatre and the second at Crossroads Cafe. DonnaFans.com contributor Jane Mauldin shares with us three photos of DtB from 2/8/07 at the Workplay Theatre in Birmingham, AL. This show was notable for a performance of the relatively rate Silver Linings, which the band hadn't played since early November 2006, and an encore that featured Jeb and Kathy doing Me & Depression as a duet, followed by the entire band coming back out for Hot Tamale Baby. Thanks for the photos, Jane!
(posted 2/23/07)

Just Added: Photos From Nashville 2/7/07
Nashville, TN was one of the stops on Donna the Buffalo's recent swing through the southeast. John Yust shares with us 12 photos of DtB performing on 2/7/07 at the Exit In in Nashville, TN. At this show, longtime Donna the Buffalo friend and Grammy award-winning country artist Jim Lauderdale joined the band for the last three songs of the set: Halfway Down, You Don't Seem to Miss Me, and Wo Wo Wo. The last of these songs appears on Wait 'Til Spring, the 2003 CD that Lauderdale and DtB recorded together. For the encore, the band continued its recent trend of having some of its members perform as a duet. This time it was just Jeb and Kathy performing Let's Not Make History, a song that Jeb debuted in April 2006 but had played only one other time since then. Then Jeb and Kathy concluded the show with what must have been an interested version of Positive Friction. Thanks for the photos, John! (posted 2/18/07)

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DonnaFans.com now has a phpBB-based message board--it's at www.donnafans.com/phpBB. Anyone can access the board, but you have to register to post. At the moment, the board has forums for general DtB discussion, arranging audio/video trades, talking about recent and upcoming DtB shows, and Side2Side Herd Charities. Thanks to Robert for offering to help moderate. If you've got any questions, comments, or suggestions, send them to me at fans@donnafans.com. (posted 2/14/07)

Orange Peel Photos, Part 2: 2/3/07, Asheville, NC
Terry Killebrew brings us coverage of Donna the Buffalo's second night at The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC earlier this month. That night, the band had special guests galore. At about midway through the set, they were joined by Amy Glicklich (on keyboards and vocal) and Ward Puryear (on scrubboard) for I Don't Need a Riddle and Give Me Just a Little Time. A few songs after they left the stage, Dave McCracken, who filled in for Kathy Ziegler during her maternity leave last year, came out and played keys for four tasty tunes: Temporary Misery, Current Theme, Broken Record, and Conscious Evolution; Ward Puryear came back out on scrub during CE. Toward the end of the night, both Ward and Amy came out for Down to the River, which was the second song in a four-song encore. Terry's 12 photos of DtB playing in Asheville, NC on 2/3/07 should give you a taste of what it was like. Thanks so much, Terry! (posted 2/13/07)

More Video From Asheville: Current Theme With Dave McCracken, 2/3/07
Jim Roe is one of several fans who bring their video camera with them to Donna the Buffalo shows, as the band's liberal taping policy allows them to do. Jim maintains a web page with his DtB videos at www.jimroe.com/dtb_video.htm, and you find his latest work, a complete, 12-minute performance of Current Theme with Dave McCracken sitting in on keys, at www.jimroe.com/Current_Theme.wmv. The video is high-quality and McCracken's contributions sound sweet. Thanks, Jim! (posted 2/11/07)

Orange Peel Photos, Part 1: 2/2/07, Asheville, NC
When Donna the Buffalo returned to Asheville, NC early this month for two shows at The Orange Peel, they offered fans a special discounted price if they bought tickets for both nights. Many of the Herd took them up on the offer, and as a result, the venue was packed both nights. Terry Killebrew was one of those who did the two-fer, and here he offers up his first batch of photos, a dozen shots of DtB playing on 2/2/07 in Asheville, NC. These include a few of Ward Puryear, who sat in on scrubboard for Hey Trudy, I Don't Need A Riddle, and Hot Tamale Baby. Terry also photographed the next night's show, which included more special guests--Amy Glicklich on keyboards and vocals, and Dave McCracken on organ. I hope to get those photos posted soon. Thanks, Terry! (posted 2/10/07)

Just Added: Review of 2/1/07 Floyd, VA
Donna the Buffalo has performed at the annual Floyd Festival every year since 2003, but it was only earlier this month that they played at an indoor venue in this town. First-time DonnaFans.com contributor Monty Coggins describes how it went in his review of DtB's show on 2/1/07 at the Sun Music Hall in Floyd, VA, which may have included the band's first-ever drum solo: "Somewhere during the night, everyone stopped and left Tom playing," Monty wrote. "They all looked back to see where he was going. He lifted an eyebrow in that John Belushi look he has and carried the beat until the band jumped back in." Thanks for the review, Monty! You can download a soundboard recording of the show from the Live Music Archive at www.archive.org/details.php?identifier=Donna20070201.sbd. Thanks for the review, Monty!
(posted 2/8/07)

Videos of Donna The Buffalo From Asheville, NC 2/2/07
On Friday, 2/2/07, Donna the Buffalo played the first of a two-night run at the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC, which has been one of the band's favorite venues in recent years. Ward Puryear sat in on scrubboard for Hey Trudy, and then came back out later for I Don't Need A Riddle>Hot Tamale Baby. The set also included Killing A Man, which Dwight Holmes described as "easily the best version I've ever heard," and a two-song encore that began with just Jeb and Tara performing 40 Days and 40 Nights, and then the entire band for Let Love Move Me. Colorado's biggest DtB fan, Ziggy, was at this show, and amazingly, he's already posted a few short video clips from this show on YouTube.com: There's about 1:30 of Everyday at www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJQx6bCymUE, about as much of Hot Tamale Baby at www.youtube.com/watch?v=4852ZUPi6b4, and some of the 40/40 duet at www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKjA4ixBMbs. An index page of all of Ziggy's videos on YouTube.com can be found at www.youtube.com/profile?user=aziggy63. Thanks, Ziggy! (posted 2/3/07)

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