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January 2007

More Photos From New Year's Eve In St. Petersburg, FL
Another kind fan has joined the ranks of those who help document Donna the Buffalo's shows for posterity by generously contributing their photographs to DonnaFans.com. Mark Callahan was at DtB's annual New Year's Eve show at the Coliseum, and shares eight shots of the band performing on 12/31/06 in St. Petersburg, FL. "I had a great time at the show," Mark said, adding that he took about 100 photos that night, mostly of the Herd. Thanks so much for your images, Mark! These photos are a great addition the dozen shots of this same show from John Yust that I'd posted earlier this month. (posted 1/28/07)

Should DonnaFans.com Offer A Message Board? Cast Your Vote!
The recently relaunched official Donna the Buffalo site, donnathebuffalo.com. is your best source for official band news, tour dates, and merchandise. However, one thing it no longer includes is a message board, where fans could trade live audio and video, discuss shows, and more. Many fans feel that the very active Herd email discussion list, which you can sign up for here, is the way to go, and that a message board is unecessary. Should I add a simple message board to DonnaFans.com? Cast your vote in the DonnaFans.com message board poll to help me decide. If you've got any comments or suggestions as to what categories such a board should include, let me know: fans@donnafans.com. (posted 1/24/07)

Jeb Jams With Jim Lauderdale At Small Venue In NYC
Last night, Friday, 1/19/07, Donna the Buffalo's Jeb Puryear joined country legend and longtime DtB friend Jim Lauderdale for Jim's set at Banjo Jim's in New York, NY. DonnaFans.com contributor Paul Livingstone was on hand with the usual NJ/NY contingent of the Herd, and graciously sent me nine photos of Jeb and Jim Lauderdale playing on 1/19/07 in New York, NY. Rob Ryan tells us how it went down: "Jeb and Jim Lauderdale did a GREAT two-hour set...Jeb on electric guitar, Jim on acoustic. The venue is basically your "corner bar" and was filled to near capacity (40 people or so). They played close to two dozen songs, all Lauderdale numbers except a Jeb song I've never heard during the first encore (there were three encores). They played Wait 'Til Spring, Ginger Peach, and Holding Back from the JL/DtB release Wait 'Til Spring, plus a bunch of songs, including Love in the Ruins, I Met Jesus in a Bar, and King of Broken Hearts, from Lauderdale's two CDs that came out in October. And a slew of collaborations between Lauderdale and Robert Hunter, including a brand new one called Between Your Heart and Mine, for which Lauderdale pulled the handwritten lyrics out of his guitar case and sang from the sheet. All in all, a very tasty two hours." Thanks, guys!(posted 1/20/07)

Check Out The New Donnathebuffalo.com!
Donna the Buffalo has relaunched its official web site, Donnathebuffalo.com. The redesigned site features a beautiful new look, new merchandise, new videos, a new "Next show" box, info about the Side2Side Herd charities group, and more. (posted 1/20/07)

NC Gets All The Best Shows: Photos From Ziggy's 1/6/07
For Donna the Buffalo, no trip to North Carolina would be complete without a show at Ziggy's in Winston-Salem. The band followed up its show in Raleigh on 1/5/07 with a return to Ziggy's the next night, with many of the Herd turning out for both shows. The Winston-Salem gig started with Funky Side, which is rarely heard in the opening slot, and just kept getting better from there. Midway through the set the band performed The Waltz, which they played only once in all of 2006 but had done on New Year's Day in Tampa. There Must Be was done in honor of Val William's birthday. And the night ended with a one-two punch of an encore: First the band played Living in the Promiseland (without Bill or Tom), I Wish You Love, and Mystic Water. After another break, Jeb came back out by himself and did Story of the Ages and Off to Dreamland. Not one but two of my favorite photographers were there to document the evening. Terry Killebrew gives us 10 shots of DtB performing on 1/6/07 in Winston-Salem, NC, while John Yust comes through with a dozen great images from that same show. Thanks, guys, you have no idea how much I appreciate your efforts! (posted 1/18/07)

First Photos: Raleigh, NC 1/5/07
Donna the Buffalo has played at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, NC no fewer than eight times. The most recent performance took place on Friday, 1/5/07. Mary O'Dwyer sent me a dozen fantastic photos of DtB playing on 1/5/07 in Raleigh, NC, including some very artistic close-ups, particularly of Tara, Bill, and Kathy Z. Looking at the setlist, I can only assume it was a helluva show. In the middle of the set, the band was joined by two very special guests: Ward Puryear on rubboard and Amy Glicklich on backing vocals. Both came out for I Don't Need a Riddle, and Ward stayed on for Hey Trudy. Later in the set, DtB played Spinning World, a song they first brought back into rotation on 1/1/07. Before that, they last played it on 3/16/05 in Vail, CO. Then, the encore started with the rarely-performed Tara Nevins tune Wheels Keep Turning; this version was a duet by Tara and Kathy Z. Next came the politically-charged Push Comes To Shove, and the night ended with Ward rejoining the band for Give Me Just A Little Time. Thanks for the photos, Mary! (posted 1/15/07)

A Pair Of Photos From St. Augustine, FL
On Thursday, 1/4/07, Donna the Buffalo played its first gig ever in St. Augustine, FL, at the Cafe Eleven. The show marked the return of the song Greatest Love of All, which the band last played in December 2005. There was also a zydeco instrumental that may have been Gathering of the Herd, or Getting Ready for the Dance, or neither. The show was both audiotaped by MadTaper, and videotaped by Doug Baker, who wrote, "This was another fine Donna set played for a sold out crowd of about 280, many of whom listened to the show through open doors from outside the venue because it was just too hot and crowded inside. Highlights for me were a seldom-played Visitor and Looking For a Place to Be. Val Williams was among those at this show, and shares with us two photos of DtB playing on 1/4/07 in St. Augustine, FL. Thank you, Val! (posted 1/13/07)

New Photos:
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 1/3/07

At its recent performance at the Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale, FL Donna the Buffalo continued its tradition of starting each new year with some interesting setlist choices. First there was World Is In Motion, which sometimes gets listed as World In Motion. The band has peformed this song, which debuted back in 1990, only a few times a year over the last several years. Then Jeb ended the four-song solo encore(!) with only the second performance ever of Let's Not Make History. The band debuted this song on 4/25/06 in Tallahassee, FL. Mike Gallagher was at the Culture Club show and offers up eight great photos of DtB playing on 1/3/07 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Thanks, Mike! Thanks, Dawn! (posted 1/11/07)

DtB Debuts New Tara Song At New Year's Day Show
Everyone always gets excited about Donna the Buffalo's annual New Year's Eve show at the Coliseum in St. Petersburg, FL, but those in the know will tell you that the next day's show, which on many years takes place at Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa, FL, is the one to catch. For New Year's Day 2007, the band played a two-set show at Skipper's that included a new Tara Nevins song tentatively titled Wood and Stone, a version of This Goes that didn't include Tara, and Jeb and Kathy doing On Our Way On as a duet for the first of a three-song encore. John Yust shares with us 12 photos of DtB performing on 1/1/07 in Tampa, FL. Thanks, John! (posted 1/10/07)

Just Added: Photos From
New Year's Eve

Donna the Buffalo's annual New Year's Eve show at the Coliseum in St. Petersburg, FL is probably the band's most popular non-festival gig of the year, both for the holiday it celebrates and because it usually kicks off a short run of Florida shows. Frequent DonnaFans.com contributor John Yust was there, and said it was a great show, "better than usual for NYE," which is really saying something. DtB played two sets that consisted of almost all of their "hits" plus a few songs that don't get played quite as often, including Hit the Groove, It's a New Day, and Come to Life, each of which was only heard a few times in 2006. The Ones You Love that ended the first set was dedicated to Susan Tomassetti, and as is tradition, Greg Hurtt sang Auld Lang Syne. John's 12 photos of DtB's show on 12/31/06 in St. Petersburg, FL prove that it just wouldn't be New Year's eve without at least one pair of silly glasses. Thanks, John! (posted 1/4/07)

When Donna Played
The Garden Of Eden

One of 2006's most photographed Donna the Buffalo shows took place in one of the most picturesque venues the band has ever played: Meijer Gardens Amphitheater in Grand Rapids, MI. Bruce Lehman, who in 2005 kindly provided DonnaFans.com with the only known photo from the band's 6/15/06 show at the Foellinger Theatre in Ft. Wayne, IN, recently sent me two fantastic shots of DtB's performance on 7/13/06 in Grand Rapids, MI. By all accounts, this was a beautiful show played in front of beautiful people in a beautiful setting, and we thought it was well worth another look. In addition to Bruce's photos, you can also check out 30 other photos from this same show. Thanks, Bruce! (posted 1/2/07)

First Photos: Charlotte, NC 12/30/06
The night before New Year's Eve, Donna the Buffalo stopped in Charlotte, NC to give the North Carolina Herd one last show before the new year. As noted below, this show was special for two reasons. First, Dave McCracken, who filled in for DtB keyboardist Kathy Ziegler last spring, sat in with the band, sharing keys with Kathy Z for three songs. Second, Tara Nevins played a borrowed fiddle, and no accordion at all; word has it that her usual fiddle and accordion were left behind in NY. Terry Killebrew's 12 photos of DtB playing on 12/30/06 in Charlotte, NC include several nice shots of McCracken like this one (right), and of Tara on her borrowed fiddle. Terry also captured a soundboard recording of this show, and will soon be making available for download from the Live Music Archive. Thanks, Terry! (posted 1/1/07)

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