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May 2006

New Photos: 5/27/06
Johnson City, NY

"Ithaca" Karen Landau is a new contributor to DonnaFans.com, but she's by no means new to Donna the Buffalo: She first saw the band in 1991. Today she graciously allows me to host eight photos of the DtB playing at the Magic City Music Hall in Johnson City, NY. The band capped off a solid peformance with a one-two punch of an encore: Arrow Pointing Sideways followed by Ones You Love. Thanks for sharing your photos, Karen! (posted 5/30/06)

Cool Tool From HaveYouHerd.com
Those of you who like to download music will appreciate a neat little service offered by our friends at HaveYouHerd.com. According to Carol Knapp, The Daily Fix is a free email newsletter that comes once a day at most, and lets you know which trader-friendly music has just been put up for download on any of four sites, limited to the band(s) you choose. You get notified only when there's something new to download. This system, which is currently in Beta test, searches for shn, flac, and ape "lossless" formats for audio files, as well as dvds. To subscribe, visit www.haveyouherd.com/dailyfix. (updated 5/30/06)

Photo Flashback: 5/9/97 Jamestown, NY
John Miklasz continues to share with us his collection of photos of Donna the Buffalo from years gone by. This time it's a half-dozen images of DtB playing on 5/9/97 in the gym at Jamestown Community College in Jamestown, NY, plus a few from a special gig later that same night. "After the college show the band went to the local bowling alley, Ten Pin Lanes, and played a show as Zydeco Experiment," John said, adding that the gig lasted until the wee hours of the morning (surprise, surprise!). At the time, DtB was Jeb Puryear, Tara Nevins, Jim Miller, Joe Thrift (keys), Jed Greenberg (bass), and Tom Gilbert (drums). Thanks so much for breaking out these photos, John! (posted 5/28/06)

DtB Plays Private Gig In Asheville, NC
On Thursday, 5/25, Donna the Buffalo played an invitation-only show at Echo Mountain Recording Studio in Asheville, NC, where they've been laying down tracks for the next CD. The party celebrated both the opening of this new studio and DtB's recording sessions there. Rumor has it that among the songs to be featured on the as-yet untitled CD are Garden of Eden and If You Were To Love Me, which will feature both Kathy Ziegler and Dave McCracken on keys. (updated 5/26/06)

Nothing But Smiles

The proper name of the LEAF festival is the Lake Eden Arts Festival, and judging from the smiles on the bandmember's faces, it's a real good time. As he did last May, John Yust once again shares his photos of Donna the Buffalo from this event. Beside this wonderful shot (left), John's 16 photos of DtB in Black Mountain, NC on 5/14/06 feature a fully-back-into-the-groove Kathy Ziegler, shots of Tara Nevin playing all four of her instruments, and the infamous photo of Jordy with purple hair (looks good, bro!). Thanks for use of the photos, John--this site wouldn't be the same without your tremendous generosity. (posted 5/24/06)

Just Added: Photos From Raleigh, NC 5/13/06
On Saturday, 5/13/06, Donna the Buffalo played in front of more than 1,300 fans in Raleigh, NC. The show was a Band Together benefit that raised nearly $40,000 for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wake County. Frequent DonnaFans.com contributor John Yust was there, with camera in hand as usual. His 12 photos of DtB in Raleigh, NC on 5/13 include several nice shots of Tara, one of Bill and Kathy Z obviously having an excellent time, and one of Tom and the fish he drew on his drum kit. "We got a special guest during the Let Love Move Me," John wrote. "I don't know their name, but whoever was driving the train that went by right behind and slightly above the stage blew the horn really well. The band had seen the tracks and several trains earlier in the day, so they weren't too surprised by it, but it really caught a bunch of us in the audience off guard." Next up: John's photos from the next night's gig at the LEAF festival. Thanks, John!! (updated 5/23/06)

McCracken Joins DtB In Asheville Recording Studio
Donna the Buffalo is currently at Echo Mountain Recording in Asheville, NC, laying down tracks for their next CD. Rumor has it that temporary band member Dave McCracken, who filled in on keys from 3/23/06 through 4/29/06 while Kathy Ziegler was on maternity leave, joined the band in the studio, recording a part for the song Temporary Misery. The band's next gigs are on Friday, 5/26 in Falls Church, VA and Saturday, 5/27 in Johnson City, NY. (updated 5/23/06)

Photos Flash(WAY)back: Great Blue Heron 1993
For his first photo contributions to DonnaFans.com, John Miklasz came through with quite a score: seven photos of Donna the Buffalo performing at the Great Blue Heron Festival in Sherman, NY in July 1993. At the time, the band consisted of Jeb Puryear, Tara Nevins, Jim Miller, Jordan Puryear (bass), Joe Thrift (keys), and Shane Lamphier (drums). John's photos include five of the band from two different sets that weekend, one of Jim Miller playing in a skirt, and two of a Tara and Friends set that had Tara on congo (at least in these two photos), Jim Miller on guitar, John Specker on fiddle, and three other players (Recognize them? Let me know: fans@donnafans.com.) Thanks for the photos, John! (posted 5/18/06)

New Photos: 5/12/06
Winston-Salem, NC

It's a fairly straightforward concept: The more Donna the Buffalo shows you see, the more likely you are to be present for one of those indescribably fantastic nights. Living in North Carolina, Terry Killebrew has seen his share of those nights, and fortunately for us he always manages to capture them with his camera. Check out his 12 photos of DtB's show at Ziggy's in Winston-Salem, NC on 5/12/06. During this show, which was only the second since Kathy Ziegler rejoined the band, keyboardist Dave McCracken came out for a three-song encore: Seems to Want to Hurt This Time; In the Summertime, which Greg Hurtt sang; and It's the Call. The band also debuted a new Tara song that might be called The Beauty Within. Thanks so much for your tireless efforts in sharing your photos, Terry! (posted 5/15/06)

Kathy Z Is Back!!!
Donna the Buffalo keyboardist Kathy Ziegler, who has been on maternity leave since February, rejoined the band Thursday, 5/11, for DtB's gig at the Starr Hill Music Hall in Charlottesville, VA. The band may have debuted at least one new song at this show--I'll post more info as soon as it can be confirmed. Kathy Z looked and sounded terrific at this "comeback" show. Rumor has it that baby Mink is along for the ride during this four-show weekend run, which (appropriately enough) concludes on Mother's Day, 5/14, at the LEAF Festival in Black Mountain, NC. (posted 5/13/06)

Photo Flashback:
Buffalo Zydeco At Shakori GrassRoots, 10/05

One of the nicest things about running this site is opening my email to find that a genrous fan I've never met before has sent me outstanding photos of the band from a show long since passed and asks if I'd be interested in hosting them on DonnaFans.com. That's exactly what happened recently when Bill Warren emailed me a half-dozen photos of DtB's zydeco alter ego, Buffalo Zydeco, peforming at the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival in Silk Hope, NC in October 2005. "They are unlike any other I've seen," Bill wrote, and I think you'll agree--his artistic shots perfectly capture the uniqueness of this performance. Thanks for the photos, Bill! (posted 5/13/06)

DtB Is Heading Back To Virginia, North Carolina
Donna the Buffalo is about to drive south for a series of four consecutive shows in Virginia and North Carolina. On Thursday, 5/11, they'll return to the Starr Hill Music Hall in Charlottesville, VA, then to NC for gigs at Ziggy's in Winston-Salem on 5/12, downtown Raleigh on 5/13, and the LEAF Festival in Black Rock on 5/14. The performance in Raleigh on 5/13 is a benefit for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wake County. There's been no announcement of who will play keys for these shows. (posted 5/10/06)

Just Added: Photos From
Ft. Lauderdale 4/27/06

When it comes to photographing Donna the Buffalo shows, Phil Ross' friend Aeric Moskowitz has a slight advantage over the rest of us: He's a professional photographer. Through Phil, Aeric has very kindly allowed DonnaFans.com to host a dozen photos of DtB's show at Revolution in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on 4/27/06. This show, which featured Dave McCracken on keys, came right in the middle of the band's five-night run in Florida, which had them playing in Tallahassee and Jacksonville Beach the two night before and St. Petersburg the two nights after. The show featured If You Were To Love Me, which the band has played only a handful of times since debuting it in Vail, CO on 2/2/06, When It's Meant to Be, a Jeb tune that they played only a few times last year but now appear to be working into heavy rotation, and It's A New Day for only the second time this year. Thanks so much for use of the photos, Aeric! (posted 5/8/06)

Photo Flashback:
Summer Camp 2005

How does a photographer named Catfish Larry shoot a Donna the Buffalo show? With a fisheye lens, of course. Catfish Larry's first submission to DonnaFans.com is this photo of the band playing on Friday, 5/27/05 at the Summer Camp 2005 Festival in Chillicothe, IL. The band's set that day was short but sweet (eight songs). Catfish Larry explains why: "It was shortened due to the rain. I have the whole set on video, and you can see how it started out sunny, got cloudier and darker as the set went on, and ended with Jeb playing Seems to Want to Hurt This Time solo, with no vocals, while the crew put tarps over their gear." Thanks, Larry! DonnaFans.com relies on fans like Catfish Larry to share photos from shows around the country. If you've got photos you'd like to submit, email me at fans@donnafans.com. (posted 5/7/06)

First Photos: Shakori Hills GrassRoots,
4/22 - 4/23/06

Terry Killebrew is a regular at most if not all of Donna the Buffalo's shows in North Carolina, and the annual spring and fall Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festivals are among his favorite shows of the year. This spring, Terry once again generously shares with us a dozen photos of DtB performing at Shakori GrassRoots on 4/22/06 and 4/23/06. In addition to these photos, Terry also shot many of the other acts that performed at Shakori, and a Keith Frank gig a few days before the festival. Nice work, Terry!
(posted 5/4/06)

DtB To Play Select Dates In Midwest In June
After a handful of dates in North Carolina, two shows in Virginia, and one in Johnson City, NY, Donna the Buffalo will head to the Midwest in early June for what at the moment appears to be just three gigs: 6/8 in Akron, OH, 6/9 in St. Louis, MO, and 6/11 at the Wakarusa Music Festival in Lawrence, KS. As always, keep your eyes on the Tour Dates page of the band's official site, www.donnathebuffalo.com, for the latest info. (posted 5/4/06)

The Blue Rags To Reunite
In Asheville On 6/2/06

Before he was in Donna the Buffalo, bassist Bill Reynolds was a member of The Blue Rags, a wildly popular "rag-n-roll" group that was a centerpiece of the Asheville, NC music scene in the mid to late 1990s. The Blue Rags, who play a mix of ragtime, rockabilly, blues, jazz, bluegrass, honky tonk, and rock 'n' roll, never officially disbanded, but the original lineup (Jake Hollifield, Abe Reid, Bill Reynolds, Mike Rhodes, Scott Sharpe, and Aaron "Woody" Wood) hasn't played together since 1998. That will change on June 2, when the band will reunite for a show at the Orange Peel in Asheville. "We've always kept in touch and have helped each other out with various projects," Reynolds said. "Finally, we all agreed that we had to find a way to play together again. And we're psyched." Two other Blue Rags dates are to be announced. For more information--and downloads of live tracks recorded in New York and North Carolina in 1999 and unreleased studio material--visit www.atonemusic.com. (posted 5/3/06)

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